Credibility Kit

Do you want to be taken seriously as an investor?  We’ve got the answer.  We call it our Credibility Kit, a business plan that highlights your real estate investing strategy and describes your portfolio of properties.

Let us show you how to create a kit to impress prospective investors, as well as bankers and other real estate professionals, and help you raise money for your deals. Your kit will,

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Force you to focus on a specific strategy, such as buying multi family apartments.
Describe how you make money in real estate.
Be your personal resume and will tell the reader your personal story.
Highlight the opportunity to your potential investors and get them excited to invest with you.

What are you waiting for.  Let us help you craft your own personal Credibility Kit.

andy-wrightJake and Gino’s approach to apartment investing is simple to follow and provides a clear path to buying your first property. Their coaching has given me the confidence and knowledge to start investing on my own.  Buy right, manage right, and finance right!
Andy Wright 
Syracuse, NY





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