Multifamily Mobile Home Master Mike Conlon and How to Become a Main Street Millionaire

In this episode we interview the main street millionaire Mike Conlon about creating unconventional wealth. Mike has done it all from apartments to mobile home parks. He shares his vision on the current economy and what he’s investing in now. Mike was a wealth of knowledge and has a great philosophy on investing.

In this episode you will discover:
-Mike’s real estate investing career
-The definition of a main street millionaire
-Why starting out is all about taking action
-How to take action while waiting for the right deal
-Buying Right
-5 Hour Rule
-Passive Income
-Dirt Rentals
-Positive attitude
-And much much more!

Unconventional Wealth: How to Become A Main Street Millionaire Helping Others Get What They Need


How to Create Passive Income, Build Wealth and Take Control of Your Financial

Future with Multifamily Real Estate Investing