How to raise money using Self Directed IRA’s with Scott Maurer

If you are looking to raise money for your deals than this show is for you! Scott Maurer takes us through the steps of raising money using self directed IRA’s. Scott beliefs that this is an untapped resource that wall street doesn’t want the average person taking advantage of. In this episode you will discover: […]

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From Sales Leader to Top 100 Mobile Home Park Investor with Jefferson Lilly

In this episode we interview Jefferson Lilly from Park Street Partners. Jefferson and his team have purchased 19 mobile home parks with values over $30 million in the past 10 years. He’s found his niche and he’s sticking to it! In the episode you will discover: -MHP’s for retirement income -Cash Flow -MHP cap rates […]

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10 Signs That Your Management Company is Not Performing

To manage or not to manage, that is one of the most difficult questions for a beginning investor to answer. On the one hand, learning the business and taking control of the asset is crucial for success in real estate. On the other hand, hiring a management company to run day-to-day operations allows an investor […]

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The Story Behind BiggerPockets With Founder Joshua Dorkin

Starting a business is far from sunshine and rainbows. In this episode, Josh Dorkin describes his journey from having hobby website to building the largest online real estate network in the world. This is a great show for anyone looking to scale or grow their business. Josh shares how he went from strictly working “in […]

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5 Questions To Ask When Buying Multifamily Real Estate

As we progress deeper into the current real estate cycle, most Jake and Gino members I interact with are asking the question: “When (not if) will we have a market correction? We stress in our education that buying right is critical to an investor’s success and one of the goals in buying right is to […]

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Creative ways to make money on your apartment buildings with Al Williamson

In this episode we interview the leading landlord…Al Williamson! This is a great show that will teach you many different ways on how to maximize your rental properties. Al is a super creative guy who looks very closely at the NOI of his investments to find ways to maximize each one. He’s not concerned with […]

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10 reasons we buy multifamily – Special edition with Jake and the G-Daddy

In this episode we take a deep dive into why we do what we do! We wanted to share what we buy and how we are finding deals. Finally we cover our top ten reasons for investing in multifamily and much much more! In this episode you will discover: -Multifamily ROI -Forced appreciation -Equity through […]

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Developing Your Real Estate Skills with Coach Rod Santomassimo

In this episode we interview real estate coach Rod Santomassimo. His coaching and systems are some of the best in the commercial real estate industry. Rod and his team have helped many commercial brokers 10x their earnings while growing their market presence. In this episode you will discover: -CRE coaching -Systems -Why Rod has stayed […]

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$20 Million Meltdown

In this episode we interview real estate investor Damion Lupo. He was hit hard during the recession in 2008 and shares what he learned from the crash. Damion has since rebounded nicely and discusses what he’s investing in now. In this episode you will discover. -Why he hates the 401k -How to use taxes strategically […]

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Think and Grow Rich With Multifamily Investing

Special Edition Alert! In this episode, Jake and Gino break down Napoleon Hill’s 13 steps to riches and how the apply to multifamily investing. Many of the books you read today stem from Napoleon Hills principles. The book is a must read for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally. In this episode you will […]

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