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Building a Real Estate Land Business Using Systems with The Land Geek, Mark Podolsky

Listen to “Building a Real Estate Land Business Using Systems” on Spreaker. In this show Mark shares his transition from corporate grinder to real estate business leader. It didn’t happen overnight but with grit and determination, he has set his family up for life with cashflow and time freedom. This episode is all about systems, […]

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Real Estate And Life

The Five Step Framework For Achieving Success In Real Estate And Life

My life was filled with several limiting beliefs that were holding me back from attaining success.  My first limiting belief was that if you worked hard, you would be successful.  I also thought that an element of luck would factor into one’s success.  My idea of what a successful life looked like was also very […]

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Breaking Through to the Other Side of Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Listen to “Breaking Through to the Other Side of Multifamily Real Estate Investing” on Spreaker. In this episode J&G break it down and hold nothing back. They share how they got out of there comfort zones to actually create a large scale real estate business and take control of their financial futures. More importantly they […]

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Forecasting Future Investment Opportunity in the Multifamily Space with Paul Moore

Listen to “Forecasting future investment opportunity in the multifamily space with Paul Moore” on Spreaker. Why should you invest in multifamily and not flip houses? Why should you invest in multifamily and not hotels? Why should you invest in multifamily and not land? Maybe you shouldn’t but today’s guest has invested in just about every […]

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The Process To Quitting Your Job Through Apartment Investing With Michael Blank

In this podcast Michael lays out a clear roadmap on the best ways to start investing in apartments. He does a great job on discussing how long it should take to escape the 9-5. Michael’s goal is to shorten the learning curve for his students. His sample deal package is a great resource to help […]

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Biggest Mistakes

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part 4

In the previous article, Jake and I discussed incompetent team members and signing an exclusive with a broker. In this article, we are going to tackle two problems and one potential value-add that we faced early on in our investing career. One situation was unavoidable, and the other could have been avoided if we planned […]

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Discover the operating system we use for our business with Mike Paton, Visionary at EOS Worldwide

Listen to “Discover the operating system we use for our business with EOS Worldwide visionary, Mike Paton” on Spreaker. In this episode we are fortunate to have the visionary of EOS Worldwide Mike Paton as our guest. Our team struggled implementing systems in the early days of our business. We were laser focused on results […]

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My Advice To Those Thinking About Giving Up

Do you ever find yourself stuck, with thoughts of doubt and anxiety creeping in? Don’t know what the next step is? This is a perfect description of how I was feeling during the first two years of my investing career with Jake. We were excited to begin buying apartments, but had no idea what we […]

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