29 April 2020

Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff

Being a father of six children, I am constantly being pitched to throughout the day, and I have to admit, I do a lot…

23 April 2020

The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Committed When I Purchased My First Commercial Property

In November of 2016, after six months of back and forth negotiations, I purchased a 19,000 square foot mixed-use commercial building in New York.…

15 April 2020

7 Challenges of our First Syndication

To syndicate or not to syndicate, that has been the question for Jake & I. On the one hand, building a portfolio of over…

7 April 2020

Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss

Every once in a while, you pick up a book and have doubts about the value that it will deliver to you. I was…

15 March 2020

How to Use Owner Financing to Generate Wealth

One of the most popular questions that I get from my students is “Where do I get money for the down payment?” In this…

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