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How Positive Self-Concept will Dramatically Increase Performance

Increase Performance Dramatically with Positive Self-Concept

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you excel at certain tasks in life and fail miserably at others? Is it luck, experience, a love of that task, or a need to accomplish it? How is it possible to increase performance in those areas? It may be a combination of all of the above, but […]

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Multifamily financing evolution with Jake and Gino

Special Edition Podcasts In this episode we share our multifamily financing evolution. It’s been a wild ride and we have made our share of mistakes. The goal of this episode is to shorten your learning curve and help you get the best deal when financing your multifamily investments! In this episode you will discover: -Freddie […]

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Multifamily Syndication Process with John Cohen

The Multifamily Syndication Process with John Cohen

John Cohen is multifamily investor from Queens NY. He is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Toro Real Estate Partners, including strategic direction of the company, formulation of investment strategy, acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, investor relations and the complete multifamily syndication process. Prior to his investing career, John was a real estate broker for Marcus […]

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Three Types of People Every Entrepreneur Needs On His Or Her Team

I have been blessed the past couple of months to be able to interview some inspiring entrepreneurs on the Wheelbarrow Profits podcast, and I’ve noticed that most successful entrepreneurs exhibit the same qualities. My feelings were confirmed when I sat down to lunch this past week with a self described ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) entrepreneur […]

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5 Great Questions To Ask When You’re Stuck

Have you ever been cruising through life, when all of a sudden, you hit a wall? I experienced this feeling of being stuck shortly after the Great Recession of 2008. My business and life were both in the midst of an upheaval, and I began to question my purpose in life. I decided to take […]

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The ABCs Of Real Estate Investing By Ken McElroy

If you are seriously considering to transition into multifamily investing, the first book you should read is The ABCs of Real Estate Investing. It is one of the only books that will teach you how to find, underwrite, negotiate, manage and prosper in the multifamily space. I have read countless books on apartment investing, but […]

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Turning your business plans into profitability with Thor Conklin

Owning a business is one thing. Owning a profitable business that you can depend on is another. So many people get stuck becoming soloprenuers and eventually get burned out. In this episode, Thor Conklin takes a deep dive into what separates the profitable business from the the unprofitable. In this episode you will discover: 1. […]

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multifamily questions answered

Your Multifamily Investing Questions Answered

As investors and educators, Jake & I fall into the trap of thinking that we know what our member’s pain points are. The only way to truly understand what frustrates beginning investors is to ask them. I set out by asking our members on our J&G Facebook Page what was most challenging to them when […]

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Jake & Gino’s Podcaster’s Roadmap to Buying Your First Multifamily

Welcome to the ultimate podcaster’s roadmap to buying your first multifamily property. In this article, we have compiled podcasts, You Tube videos, and recorded calls for any investor who wants a framework on how to buy their first multifamily property. What is the most beneficial way to consume the content in this article? We have […]

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10 Signs That Your Management Company is Not Performing

To manage or not to manage, that is one of the most difficult questions for a beginning investor to answer. On the one hand, learning the business and taking control of the asset is crucial for success in real estate. On the other hand, hiring a management company to run day-to-day operations allows an investor […]

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