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How to use passive income

Making Your Money Work For Your With Passive Income

Jake: Hey everybody, Jake and Gino here from with another Time For Action Tuesday, and today we want to talk about making your money work for you. That’s right, we’re talking about passive income and what it means to us. This was the goal. We wanted to create long term wealth for ourselves and […]

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The Critical Role of Partnerships in Multifamily Investing

In the Time For Action Tuesday, Jake and Gino share with you the benefit of having solid partnerships in your investing business and how to make them work for growing your wealth. Don’t go it alone, learn some of their stories and how you can acquire partnerships that will help you hit your investment goals.

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Wheel Barrow Profits

What it took us in multi family investing and authoring our new book. Time For Action Tuesday. Weekly motivation, tips, and the pulse of the multifamily universe brought to you by Jake and Gino.

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