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17 January 2023

How To Get Into Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

A syndication is simply a partnership between a group of investors pooling their resources into a…

18 October 2021

The Role of a Sponsor in Multifamily Syndication

By Tony Castronovo What inspires you? Where do you draw your energy from when things are not going as you might have hoped? As

12 October 2021

How Do Limited Partners In A Syndication Get Back Their Initial Capital

By Joel Heck One of the most important responsibilities for a sponsor in a syndication is protecting their investors’ capital. The business plan for a

29 September 2021

How Values-Based Decision Making Provided Clarity On When To Sell One Of Our Multifamily Properties

By Jake Stenziano We recently sold a property in Louisville, KY. This is rare for us since we like to hold our assets for

20 September 2021

The Pros & Cons of Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

In the previous article, we described what is a multifamily syndication. In this article, I want to present to you the pros and cons…

12 September 2021

What is Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

When Jake & I began our investing career, we only knew of one way to buy real estate. Buy it by yourself! We had…

15 April 2020

7 Challenges of our First Syndication

To syndicate or not to syndicate, that has been the question for Jake & I. On the one hand, building a portfolio of over…

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