WBP – Do Due Diligence Right with Wally Conway

Prior to presiding over one of the largest home inspection companies in North America, Wally was a Naval Academy graduate and is a retired Navy pilot. With a blend of experiences as a business owner, master marketer, contractor, renovator, investor, TV and radio host, and master home inspector, Wally believes “if you’re not having fun doing your thing, you’re either doing the wrong thing, or your thing wrong!”

As a respected expert in the discovery, disclosure, and documentation of building concerns, Wally has authored and instructs numerous courses approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission for the Continuing Education of Real Estate Licensees. A respected entrepreneur and marketing mogul, Wally serves as a consultant to a broad range of businesses. The underlying theme to Wally’s approach to business growth and development is that beneath every business expense lies a potential profit center. Drawing from his own rapid business growth, Wally now shows companies how to grow from “Me to We”

He talks to us about the Ins and Outs of Due Diligence, Partnerships and Moisture.


Designing A House
Houses Are Expensive
Where To Start
Check The Bones First
Due Diligence Mistakes
Vertical Integration
Starting Small
No Deal is Better than a Bad Deal
Benefits of Experience
Typical Problems
Treat The Cause, Not The Symptom
Imperfections Are Gold
Big Problems, Big Profits
Finding An Inspector
Permit History
Neighborhood Environmental Reports
Where to Begin
Lead Paint, Asbestos, Aluminum Wire
Risk Management
Habits For Success
Calendar Management
Willingness To Say No
Shortening The Learning Curve
The One Thing
Trust But Verify

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