Forecasting Future Investment Opportunity in the Multifamily Space with Paul Moore

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Listen to “Forecasting future investment opportunity in the multifamily space with Paul Moore” on Spreaker.

Why should you invest in multifamily and not flip houses? Why should you invest in multifamily and not hotels? Why should you invest in multifamily and not land? Maybe you shouldn’t but today’s guest has invested in just about every type of real estate before he found multifamily and he shares his experience in all of these areas and why he thinks multifamily is the place to be. Paul also takes a deep dive into current trends and demographics and what class of apartments he thinks provides the best opportunity going forward.

In todays episode you will discover:

•Many of the mistakes that Paul has made in his career
•Bulldozer theft
•How America is becoming a renter nation
•What class of apartments Paul likes
•Current demographic trends
•What markets Paul’s team is looking at
•A turn in cap rates?
•Team building
•Pauls fear of class A apartments
•And much much more!

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