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How a Pizza Guy and a Drug Rep Amassed $25,000,000 in Real Estate

As I sit here through yet another snowstorm in New York, I have had time to ponder how I was able, along with my inspirational and motivated partner Jake, to assemble over 500 apartment units in Tennessee.  It seems clear to me now, looking back, how it all began.  I am inspired to write this blog to show all the readers that anyone can get into real estate or achieve any goal and become financially free.  As you will see, it is simple, but not easy.

I had been investing in real estate with limited success for years, before I met Jake.  I knew that my restaurant business was only generating a decent paycheck, and after the Great Recession, things only got worse.  I began taking real estate coaching programs and immersed myself in books and dvd programs.  I attributed my turning point to two specific events: being audited by the government and entering and completing the coaching program at IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching).

When I received the audit letter, I felt a feeling of despair and lack of control.  My mind immediately thought “ I need to do something else to put food on the table for six kids!”  This is when I decided to contact Jake and begin our quest.  I also decided to enroll at IPEC to begin to raise my level of consciousness and work on my personal development.  My should in life finally became a must.

I learned from all my training one fundamental law that transforms lives:


Once I enrolled in the school, I realized that I could transform my thoughts into results, and that was truly powerful.  Let me give you an example.

I had a thought of retiring from the restaurant and committing myself full time to investing in real estate.  Now, if this was just a thought, the idea would have just dissipated into thin air.  There would have been no energy behind that thought.  But, my situation with the audit and the prospects of meager profits from my current business led this thought to become a burning desire for me.  For some people, the desire just stays a desire and nothing more.  I learned to take that desire and see it through by taking massive action to achieve my original thought of investing fulltime in real estate.

What is massive action?  To me, it meant working on my days off, completing schoolwork whenever I could fit in it, and learning to step outside my comfort zone.  My massive action led me to forming a partnership with Jake, who was on his path to taking massive action.  Jake was working as a pharmaceutical rep with GlaxoSmithKline, and knew nothing about real estate investing.  Jake decided it was time for a change and dove headfirst into educating himself in multifamily apartment investing.

It took us almost two years to land our first deal, and we were thrilled to be in the game.  At first, we were so frustrated with our lack of success that Jake actually spent his multifamily investing money on the down payment for a home.  But, that burning desire never left us, and it eventually led us to our first deal.  This first deal began to build momentum for us, and soon after we purchased a second complex with another partner.

Fast forward two years, and we have just signed a contract to purchase a 156 unit complex, which will bring our value to over $32,000,000 and almost 700 units.  I know this would not have been accomplished if I did not turn my thoughts into results.

How can you get what you want?  First, I want you to define exactly what it is you want.  You need to have a clear, concise picture of what you want.  Generate that picture in your mind, add color and music and hold that thought in your mind.  I want you to avoid thinking of things you don’t want.  Stay positive and think of only things you do want.

Now it’s time to whip up a desire for your thoughts.  See yourself striving for and achieving your goal.  If you don’t activate the burning desire, then your thought will dissolve.  The next step is to take massive action, whatever you need to do to accomplish your desire.  Once you start to take massive action, you will see that momentum begins to take over.  Whatever you allow your mind to concentrate on is what begins to expand.  My ultimate goal was to become a full time investor, and talking to Jake everyday made me focus on my desires.

From massive action, you will begin to see results.  It may take time, and this is where most people give up. Truly successful people take action, and if something doesn’t work, they try something else until they achieve the desired result.  We were constantly met with rejection in the beginning, but we changed our strategy and aligned ourselves with a new broker and a new business plan.

The key is to know exactly what you want, and commit those thoughts onto paper.  Once you see those goals, you can begin to work towards success.

If you want to begin taking control of your financial future, begin by taking massive action and visit our website to get ideas on investing in real estate.  Some of you may be saying, “I could never own real estate”, and you are right.  Some of you out there are saying, “ I think I can do this”, and you are also right.  It all starts with figuring out what you want and knowing that you can accomplish anything if you believe you can.  I never thought a pizza guy and a drug rep could amass a large multifamily portfolio, until we did.

I hope this serves you and helps you on your journey.  I realized life is too short to not get what you want out of it.  Once you figure out what you want, follow our formula to success.