Investing In Real Estate For Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Kevin Bupp jumped right into real estate investing at the age of 20. This turned out to be a good move for him, because for more than thirteen years he’s been investing and consulting with tremendous results, and has completed over $40 million in real estate transactions…at one point he even owned a mortgage company!

Currently Kevin is a candidate for CCIM, which happens to be the highest commercial real estate designation available. Today Kevin is focused 100% on investing in mobile homes.

In this episode you will discover:

• How to focus on your niche.
• Exactly how Kevin achieved financial freedom.
• How sometimes you need to simply take the plunge.
• How to be resourceful.
• The value of a great team.
• How to invest for cash flow.
• The power of positive attitude aka think and grow rich.
• How to hunt down deals.
• Continuous education on the go.
• The ups and downs of real estate investing and much more!