Leveraging Whole Life to Beat Paying with Cash

As a real estate investor, you know that cash flow is king in the journey of building wealth.

That’s why many investors prefer to use our specially designed life insurance policies to fund their real estate deals. It gives them access to cash on their terms, with payback flexibility, tax advantages, uninterrupted compounding, while also protecting their family with additional life insurance.

The biggest component of this strategy is the fact that your entire asset base continues to compound in your favor in spite of having used some of it to make a purchase.

If you use this strategy to invest in real estate, you are really having your cash work twice as hard. Now you have two assets – a cash-flowing property that can provide tax advantages if structured properly AND liquid cash inside a life insurance policy that continuously compounds while protecting your family and assets.


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The Whole Life Insurance Policies offered by the 100 Year Real Estate Investor are specially-designed. This means they work harder toward achieving your financial objectives, no matter what they may be. Check out this blog for 7 facts about our specially-designed strategies that may not be true about typical whole life policies: https://100yearrei.com/7-facts-about-…

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