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Managing Debt and Operations with Logan Rankin

Mike Taravella interviews Logan Rankin.

Key information:

  • Rising inflation makes debt a major wealth building tool
  • Manage debt before managing the real estate itself. Maximize debt as long as a property is financially When inflation rate is higher than your debt interest rate you are being paid to borrow
  • Pay attention to not be under-leveraged just as much as over-leveraged
  • Reposition quickly to decrease LTV and gain more equity than originally put in
  • Tenants are willing to pay $150-200/month more for a home they’re proud of
  • Underwriting is useless if you don’t have the team in place to carry the plan out
  • Pain + Reflection = Growth

Investor Pro Tip: View challenges as opportunities that take competitors out of the game

Contact Logan Rankin on Instagram @loganjrankin or on his website loganrankin.com

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