RCRE – Always Adapting with Gino Barbaro


Dylan and Mike interview Gino Barbaro, the co-founder of Rand Partners and Jake & Gino.

Key Information:

Have a powerful why to push you towards your goal
Education X Action = Results
Multifamily hasn’t changed as an asset class: investor savviness and more awareness internationally has increased the pricing
1031 Exchanges have resulted in an increase in pricing
Gino’s strategy has evolved from buying older assets to newer assets
If you are buying in more tertiaries markets, you may have less demand and liquidity when selling that asset
Review every deal’s exit and debt strategy based on the current market strategy
Buy Right. Finance Right. Manage Right
Make sure you objectively review the market you are in

Expert Pro Tip: Surround yourself with high level people who push you to learn and grow


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