RCRE – Don’t Be Afraid of Retail Real Estate in Nashville with Tyler Cauble


Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Tyler Cauble of The Cauble Group.

Key Information:

  • Gain an edge in multi-family by learning how to underwrite commercial and retail properties.
  • Good retail deals allow you to lock in long term leases with high credit tenants.
  • Commercial lease agreements can vary significantly depending on the tenant.
  • To get agency financing for mixed-use properties, at least 75% of the income must come from the multi-family portion of the property.
  • Right now the typical commercial loan will be 12-18 months IO, 20 years amortization, and have a 4% interest rate.
  • Commercial loans include the cost of renovations.
  • Smaller units in commercial spaces are starting to trend as a result of COVID-19.


Expert Pro Tip: “Don’t be afraid to get involved in mixed-use properties”


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Youtube: Tyler Cauble



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