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RCRE – Getting Creative with Bill Ham

Mike Taravella and co host Will Coleman interview Bill Ham, Chief Operating Officer at Broadwell Property Group.

Key Information:

Bill has been focusing on newer assets (primarily 1985 and newer)

Not focusing on major capital expenditures that don’t have any ROIs (Plumbing)

Bill is also focusing on long-term holds

Bill anticipates a 15-20% reduction in multifamily valuations

Collections in April have been consistent with the previous month but is anticipating a slowdown in May

The reserves required for financing is very costly equity and ruin cash returns

Bill focuses on 2 creative financing options: seller financing and master leases

Seller Financing requires zero or minimal existing debt, market rate interest, interest-only term, 15-20% down, 18-24 month terms.

Instead of using down payment, leverage capital expenditures in an escrow.

Master leases have more risks because you are a renter and the landlord may not accept your purchase price

Expert Pro Tip: Focus on your competency and become more proficient with them.

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