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RCRE – The Multi-family Customer Journey with Gino Barbaro

In this episode Mike Travella and Will Coleman interviewed Gino Barbaro.

Key Information:

The customer journey first starts with your employees.

1. People, systems, and culture:

Focus on these three aspects of your company in order to develop a phenomenal customer experience.

2. Employees:

The customer journey first starts with your employees. Invest in your employees and they will invest in your customers.

3. Empowerment:

Empower your employees to be proactive and solve problems before they occur. This will remove bottlenecks, and improve day to day efficiencies.

4. Systems:

Implementing systems is vital to scaling your business and maintaining the same quality customer service as you grow. Develop Great companies have strong core values. Establish your core values and grow your company culture around those values.

5. Relationships:

For syndications, spend time developing relationships with your potential investors. Make sure your goals are aligned and that you are both on the same page about what you want to achieve.


Expert Pro Tip: “Know your numbers”

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