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RCRE – Why Invest in Multi-family with Hadar Orkibi

In this episode, Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Hadar Orkibi of MFI Holding.


Key Information:

Ensure you have a proof of concept before you begin to scale in any particular market.

To develop lasting relationships with local brokers and investors you must be physically present in the market.


Working with Lenders:

  • Keep deposits with banks you want to work with
  • Be transparent about your experience and your goals
  • Determine what kind of deals they have an appetite for


  • Resilient during down cycles.
  • In high demand
  • Economies of scale


Expert Pro Tip: “Become an expert in your niche”


Contact Information:

Mastermind: mihmastermind.com

Cell – 501-251-8201




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