RPP – Demographic Shifts with Chris Porter

Chris Porter

Rand Partners Podcast – Demographic Shifts with Chris Porter
Chris Porter is the Chief Demographer at John Burns Real Estate
Consulting and author of Big Shifts Ahead.
Key Information:

• 2 major shifts in demographics

◦ Increase in retirees will grow 38% from 2015-2025
◦ Younger adults buying their first home later in life

• More Renters Now than Ever

◦ Shift to low maintenance lifestyle

• 4-5-6 Rule

◦ 4 Big Influencers

▪ Government Policy
▪ Economic Conditions
▪ Technological Advances
▪ Societal Shifts

◦ 5 Stages of LIfe

▪ Young Adults
▪ People Forming Families
▪ People Early in Careers
▪ People Later in Careers
▪ Retiring

◦ 6 Questions the Demographics will Decide to Live

▪ Who

▪ Age Group

▪ What

▪ Buying or Renting

▪ Where

▪ Suburb vs city
▪ Rural vs city

▪ When

▪ Urgency to move

▪ How

▪ Affordability

▪ Why

▪ Moving because of weather
▪ Affordability
▪ Pro business environment

• Surban community on the rise

◦ Surban is a mini downtown in the suburbs
◦ Want more conveniences of downtown without the expenses

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