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RPP – Exploring Jacksonville Market with Steven McAdoo

Dylan Marma and Mike Taravella interview Steven McAdoo,Associate Director of Multifamily Investment Sales at Prime Realty Commercial Real Estate, to discuss the Jacksonville market.


  • Steven moved back to his hometown of Jacksonville because he saw the progress in “snapshots” over the past 8 years
  • Jacksonville is a hot market because:
    • Lower cost of living
    • Warm weather year round
    • No State income Taxes
    • Low Property Taxes
    • Landlord Friendly
  • The path of progress in Jacksonville includes:
    • Downtown
    • Murray Hill
    • Riverside
    • Avondale
    • Springfield
  • Make sure you have boots on the ground when dealing with a new market
  • Expert Pro Tip: Know your investing criteria before investing in a deal


Contact Information:

Phone Number: (904) 574-7400

Email: smcadoo@primerealtyinc.com


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