Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – Mastering The Inner Game Of Wealth By T. Harv Eker

If I can point to one book that has led me to change course in life and take responsibility for my mediocre results, then I would have to choose “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind”. At first, I thought the author T. Harv Eker’s message was in your face, offensive and overall a harsh message. But as I read it a second time, it was exactly what I needed to hear.
The truth does hurt sometimes, and my results were the direct result of my actions. As Harv states, the fruits that I was growing were a result of having poor roots. Once I realized money was only the result of my actions, I began to focus on what every entrepreneur needs to focus on, solving problems. Harv injects wealth principles, formulas and personal stories throughout the book.

One of my favorites:

  • Thoughts lead to feelings.
  • Feelings lead to actions.
  • Actions lead to results.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your life, buy this book and implement Harv’s wise words of wisdom. He has been called a Financial Evangelist by the New York Times, and for good reason. He focuses on a person’s money blueprint, a person’s preset program of their relationship with money.
My money blueprint was to be comfortable and earn a “good” living. Mine was better than most people. The majority of Americans strive to pay the bills. And that’s exactly what they get. I realized that my blueprint was holding me back from becoming a multimillionaire.

Harv has a fantastic analogy of a person’s blueprint. Imagine a thermostat that is set at seventy degrees. The temperature may drop below or rise above seventy degrees, but it will soon return to the preset temperature. My financial situation was a mirror of that thermometer. I was earning more or less what I had preset my financial thermostat to.

Where is your financial thermostat set?

Financial Thermostat
As Harv writes in the book, do you think Trump has his thermostat set to millions? NO! He has it set to billions. That’s why when he loses money, he always finds a way to regroup and head back to the billions mark.

Here are several key takeaways found throughout the book:


  • If you don’t think money is important, then you will never attract any.
  • Never feel envious or jealous of anyone who is rich. Send blessings and show happiness toward that individual. You will never attract wealth if you envy others’ success and fortune.
  • If you do become wealthy, and do not adjust your financial blueprint, you will lose that money.
  • The only way to change your level of financial success is to reset your financial thermostat.
  • Rich people believe “I create my life.” Poor people believe “ Life happens to me.”
  • You will be paid in direct proportion to what value you bring to the marketplace.

This last takeaway revolutionized my life. I decided to run away from thinking small, and grow my real estate portfolio in order to serve more tenants.

More tenants=more rent=more money.

Pretty simple, but I did not accept this simple money principal until I heard it from Harv.
If you are ready to accept responsibility for your life’s shortcomings and want to grow as a person, go buy this book and incorporate all of Harv’s wealth principals into your life. It may be difficult to hear, but I guarantee you it will change your life!

Thanks Harv!

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