Why You Should Spend Money For Your Real Estate Education

I attribute all of my success in the real estate space to receiving a thorough education through mentors, coaches and training programs. The education allowed me to shorten my learning curve dramatically, as well as saving me tons of money by avoiding needless mistakes. Life in real estate was painful before I sought the proper training. In this article, I would like to dive into why it is necessary for every novice to seek out professionals to teach them about real estate investing and how education will lead them to success quicker. I will also explore different options on what to look for when choosing what platforms or training programs a novice should consider.

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I interviewed Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek on our PODCAST!, and he introduced me to a simple, yet useful model that he employs in his life. It is called the Project Management Triangle, and the triangle states that there are three properties to consider when choosing something in life: speed, cost and quality. You can only achieve two, so be sure to pick wisely. Speed relates to how quickly something can be accomplished. Quality refers to whether it is constructed well. And money reflects whether something is going to be cheap or expensive.

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