The ​H​oney ​T​rap with Joseph Gozlan

EBG Acquisitions

Joseph Gozlan is the founder of EBG Acquisitions, a multifamily investment group in Texas. He and his wife became accidental residential landlords in 2005 and realized that real estate investing was the way.

Jake, Gino and Joseph jump right into the importance of creating your own success and making the most of your situation, no matter where you come from. There is a powerful discussion of the benefits of multifamily vs. residential.

Joseph details how he underwrites at a deal through the three different financing models and the three criteria he looks for when buying, and even touches on the amazing tax benefits of cost segregation and the process of syndication.

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This show puts emphasis on persistency as a key factor to succeed in multifamily real estate.

Top 10

  • Accidental landlord
  • No more residential
  • Building real estate in the background
  • Go Bro’s
  • Scarcity mentality
  • 401(k) downsides
  • economies of scale
  • Higher emotions leading to lower intelligence
  • The big boys club
  • And much more!

Book Recommendations:

Double Double by Cameron Herold
Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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