A Kids Book About
What To Do When
Everything Explodes!

We can’t stop every bad thing from happening, but we can control how we respond. This book shows three different paths branching off of one bad thing and how those choices influence what happens next. Our response to the world is a super power and we can wield it to make our lives amazing!

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Creative Caterpillar, Responsible Rhino and Pity Party Pig work in a bakery together. One day, a careless accident causes that bakery to explode, forcing the three characters to ask “what next?”. Caterpillar, Rhino and Pig all make very different decisions and begin to lead wildly different lives.

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What Do I Tell My Daughter on Career Day?

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Which Path Would You Take?

Responsible Rhino decides he can’t rely on another job like the one at the bakery so he goes back to school to learn new skills. Good thing he always saved the money he earned at the bakery to pay for it!

Creative Caterpillar wants to be his own boss and start a business that will wow everyone. He takes what he’s learned and looks for new angles to come up with something sweet and successful.

Pity Party Pig just wants to point fingers and blame everyone but himself. Instead of trying to move forward, he sits on his couch. Things don’t look so good for Pig’s future if he doesn’t wise up!

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