Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence, And How to Use it to Create Positive Change

What is the circle of excellence, and how can it serve you?  I was introduced to this technique while learning about Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the study of human excellence and how to build empowering beliefs.  We respond to our internal representations and our own thoughts and feelings.  By changing those thoughts, we can change our experiences.  The circle of excellence will help you alter those feelings and access personal excellence when it is needed.

How will NLP affect your investing and wealth building potential in a dramatic way?

You will be able to get back in touch with your resourceful state and perform at a higher level.  By changing your inner attitude, you will be able to change the outer aspects of our lives.

So let’s get started!

Begin by accessing a positive memory where you achieved something or felt great.  For me, two examples come to mind:

  1. A wonderful image of playing on the beach with my children.
  2. A memory where I landed and closed on my first large real estate deal, a 136 unit apartment complex.

Choose whatever memory is powerful and positive.

Next, go back to that memory and notice a shift in your behavior.  Once you have that memory firmly fixed in your mind, imagine a circle in front of you that is painted with a color of your choice. (I like green for obvious reasons $$$)

Now, re-experience that moment of excellence, step into the circle, and remain in the moment.  Once you feel the shift of energy, step out of the circle and leave the feelings in the circle.  You will notice this shift if energy as your emotions move slower than your thoughts.

Finally, step back into the circle and notice the shift yet again.  You are learning to anchor positive feelings and thoughts into your subconscious, and learning how to control your internal representations.  Use this technique whenever you need to prepare yourself for an important meeting or even a speaking engagement.

The key is to access these positive emotions before you need them.

If you are in a situation when you don’t have time to preprogram yourself, you may find yourself in a non-resourceful state.  When you find yourself in this state (nervous, stuck), take a deep breath, exhale and step out into “neutral”.  Leave those negative feelings in the circle.  This will free you up into being able to step back into your circle of excellence.

With this technique, I have shown you a way to alter your state and change your thoughts and feelings.  This will allow you to attack your problems from a positive frame of mind.

The key is to raise your level of energy and put yourself in a positive state.

Now you’re ready to tackle any dilemma that you are facing.

This technique takes thinking good thoughts one step further.  You are actually programming yourself when it is time to perform.  The hardest step is to incorporate this technique in your life.  If you want different results, then give this technique a try.  The worst thing that can happen is someone may see you talking to yourself while stepping forward and backward.  But think of the possibilities when this technique works.

We all have the ability to control our thoughts, and it’s time to take control and think positively.   When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try the circle of excellence technique to break your pattern and introduce a new pattern.

Please let me know if the circle helps you. Gino