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The Jake and Gino Show is where average Joe’s, just like you and me, who have a growth mindset and want to learn more about multifamily real estate, how to create and grow a business, and about personal development.

Whether you are looking to invest in multifamily real estate, learn from Jake & Gino students about how they got started and closed their first deal, or strengthen the relationship between your spouse and kids, we’ve got it right here for you.

 Our podcast series cover a wide variety of topics, with guests strategically selected to help you grow! Our podcast series cover a wide variety of topics, with guests strategically selected to help you grow! Ready to dive into the Jake and Gino podcast universe? Check out each of the podcast offerings below!

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More Real Estate Investing Podcasts

The Multifamily Zone: Business is important, but nothing is more important than family. That’s the driving thought behind the Multifamily Zone podcast, hosted by Julia and Gino Barbaro. Business can be especially tough when you work together, but in many ways it can also make business that much more rewarding. In this podcast, Julia and Gino, along with a rotating cast of guests, talk about how to strike a balance between family and work. You’ll learn how to work better together, how to build a better relationship with your kids, how to communicate better as a family, and so much more.

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Movers and Shakers: One way to motivate and inspire yourself is to listen to success stories of the people who have set out on the same real estate path as you. That’s the idea behind the Movers and Shakers podcast. On the Movers and Shakers podcast, each episode features a student of Jake and Gino’s who went on to do amazing things in the world of real estate. The stories of these students show that, no matter what your circumstances are and who you are, you have the chance to find financial freedom through real estate. These stories do more than just inspire, as the students go into the obstacles and pitfalls they could have avoided. Not only will you feel more motivated after listening, you’ll gain valuable insight that you can use on your own real estate journey. With the right moves, you could be the next Mover and Shaker.

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The Rand CRE Show: Are you a serious real estate investor looking to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies? It can be hard to do with so little time in the day. That’s the issue that The Rand CRE Show looks to fix. With an on-the-go podcast, it can be much easier to stay current with what’s going on in real estate. Plus, hosts Mike Taravella and Will Coleman, are constantly offering actionable advice on how to grow your business and bring your portfolio to the next level. Your two expert hosts, along with some impressive guests, will give you your fix of real estate intel, so you never feel like you’re out of the loop.

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The Jake and Gino Show: This is where the Jake and Gino podcast universe started. In 2015, Jake and Gino were building their success and expanding their portfolio, and they realized they could help others with what they were learning. The Jake and Gino Show is hosted by Jake and Gino, along with notable guest stars, as they talk about their journey, offer unbeatable advice, and help listeners overcome their own real estate investment obstacles. If you’re looking for the best real estate investing podcasts out there, the Jake and Gino Show ranks near the very top. Make sure to check it out sooner than later.

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100 Year Real Estate Investor: The 100 Year Real Estate Investor podcast is the latest addition to Jake and Gino’s top real estate investing podcast portfolio. In this podcast, Jake and Gino introduce the concept of the 100 Year Real Estate Investor along with their Dual Asset Strategy. If you’re looking for fresh real estate strategies and are wanting to learn how to make a lifelong career out of real estate, you can’t do much better than this podcast. Jake and Gino always have a unique and expert perspective, so this is a great show to check out if you’re wanting to learn as much as possible about real estate investment. Jake and Gino have found success in real estate and they can help you do the same. Listen to the 100 Year Real Estate Investor podcast today.

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Ready to Get Started on Your Journey?

Achieving financial freedom isn’t just about listening to the best podcasts to learn about multi-family real estate. This can definitely help you on your journey, but if you want to have the best possible chance of success, you should consider Jake and Gino’s mentorship program. With this program, you’ll get all of the tools, resources, and networking opportunities you’ll need to make a full career out of multifamily real estate investment. So, are you ready to get started on your real estate journey? Start off on the right foot, the Jake and Gino way.