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$500 For Each Referral

Ambassador Program

The ambassador program was created for Jake & Gino members who have experienced tremendous satisfaction and success with joining the community, and want to refer a friend or family member to join. It is our goal at Jake & Gino to continue to grow this vibrant community with amazing people, and receiving referrals from existing members is the ideal way to achieve this goal.

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Ambassador Programs FAQs

Q 1. How do I connect someone to a Jake & Gino team member for more information?

Simply email us at and our community director Josh Roosen will begin the conversation. Let your friend or family member know that someone from the Jake & Gino team will be reaching out to them to schedule a time to speak to one of our Admissions coaches.

Q 2. What is the best way to present the opportunity to join the Jake & Gino community?

If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable about speaking to a family member or friend about joining, then contact our community director and he would be happy to share the opportunity and answer any questions that arise.

Q 3. What is the ambassador payment?

As a thank you for being a part of the Jake & Gino community and entrusting us with the care of your family member or friend, you will receive the following payment:

$500 for referring a student to one of our mentorship programs.

Q 4. What is the benefit of referring a family member or friend?

Our mission at Jake & Gino is to leave every student in a better place by having prospective members fill out their goals and receive complimentary resources. We want every person who comes in contact with our team to achieve clarity with their own personal situation.

Q 5. How do I know if they enrolled?

You will receive an email from our community director Josh when the student enrolls. Expect the ambassador payment approximately 60 days after enrollment.

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