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They have amassed a portfolio in excess of $225,000,000 in assets under management by following their proprietary three-step framework: Buy Right Finance Right & Manage Right.®

When you’re starting your multi-family investing journey, the last thing you want to do is start out on the wrong foot. Jake and Gino can guide you along the path, and give you the best chance of finding success. If you want to learn from the two of the top mentors in the business, then Jake and Gino are here to help.

Who Are Jake Stenziano & Gino Barbaro?

Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro started their business back in 2013 with a desire to create long term wealth in multifamily and escape the drudgery of their 9-5’s. Gino Barbaro was working 7 days a week running his pizzeria, truly being stuck in the business rather than being able to work on the business. Jake Stenziano came from a high pressure sales role and did not have the time he wanted to spend with his family. Early on they went through many trial and errors because they did not have a crystal clear blue print to show them how to get into their first deal, and then more importantly, how to operate it effectively! Today, they have been able to grow to nearly 1600 units under management, creating true financial freedom.

But, Jake and Gino aren’t stopping at finding success in their own lives. Knowing how hard real estate investing can be, they decided to share their knowledge with others and help them find the same level of financial freedom. With their comprehensive investing strategies, they’ve been able to help many of their students not only learn how to start investing in properties, but how to create and scale their businesses successfully. Jake and Gino didn’t build their program just to create wealth for themselves. They’ve designed their program to help people launch into a profitable industry and put themselves in a position to become financially free.

Why Invest Money in Real Estate Properties?

The first question that many people have when they’re looking to start investing their hard earned money is “why invest in real estate?”

The reality is, there are a multitude of reasons that real estate investment is a good idea. Real estate can generate passive income, appreciate in value, be leveraged, allow for tax breaks, hedge against inflation, and much more. These properties tend to be easier to get into as a new investor, and they have many advantages of their own. Jake and Gino’s main focus is on helping you with apartment investing and becoming a multifamily entrepreneur.

In short, the question isn’t “why should I invest in real estate,” it’s “how do I invest in real estate?” And that’s a question that Jake and Gino can easily help you with.

Discover the Best Investing Strategies from Industry Experts

If you think you’re ready to buy multifamily property, make sure to turn to the experts first. Jake and Gino will give you the tools and resources you need to make smart, profitable real estate investments. Jake and Gino have taken their hard-earned experience and turned it into a three-step framework that works for real estate investors at any level. Whether you’re new to the game, or you’re a veteran feeling frustrated, there’s something to learn from Jake and Gino’s lessons.

Jake and Gino have created a three step framework. Buy Right, Finance Right, and Manage Right ®Following their in-depth strategy will help you find true real estate investing success and get one step closer to financial freedom.

Buy Right: The first phase of Jake and Gino’s strategy teaches you how to Buy Right. You need to know what to look for in a good multifamily property. Buying just any real estate property isn’t going to lead to a return on investment. You have to have an eye for what could lead to a profitable investment and how to limit your downside risk. Finance Right: Securing long-term financing for your investments is essential to a successful real estate investing strategy. Jake and Gino know how to finance properties, and they’ll give you the tips and advice they’ve learned to help you avoid the pitfalls of financing. Manage Right: Multifamily property investing doesn’t stop after you buy the property. Real estate requires proper management in order to be a profitable venture. With Jake and Gino’s extensive knowledge of the real estate business, they’ll be able to show you how to properly manage your properties so they lead to passive income and a great return on investment. Ready to invest with the experts?

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