Calculators for Running A Successful Real Estate Investing Business

Running a successful real estate business takes careful analysis and an eye for good deals. That being said, everyone needs an edge to help them out. An extremely useful tool to help with your real estate ventures is a real estate investing calculator. A real estate ROI calculator lets you preemptively analyze the potential profits you could make off any given deal.

Of course, a calculator isn’t going to give you any guarantees, but it can definitely help put things in perspective for you and help you make the smartest decisions. Below, we have the Jake and Gino Deal Analyzer Suite. The Deal Analyzer Suite includes 6 different real estate investment calculators. With these tools on your side, you can help inform your deals and calculate your return on real estate investment. Learn more about each of these calculators below.

Deal Analyzer Calculator Suite

Become a true master at analyzing and identifying profitable multifamily deals both quickly and accurately. The Deal Analyzer is an online suite that consists of 6 powerful and easy to use calculators to help breakdown and analyze numbers like a real investing pro! You’ll get access to all 6 calculators that include: Deal Analyzer, Net Worth, Budget, Schedule of Real Estate Owned, Lease Audit and Apartment Turn. These calculators will save you time, make you money, and put you on the fast track to future success!

The suite consists of six calculators. There’s our Deal Analyzer, Net Worth, Budget, Schedule of Real Estate Owned, Lease Audit, and Apartment Turn calculators. With this combination of tools, you can make better, more informed real estate investment decisions from here on out. Not many people know how to calculate return on real estate investment. Now you can. Here’s more information about each of these calculators:


Deal Analyzer

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Net Worth

It’s time to get your financial house in order. Show the banks how serious you are with a prepared financial statement. Use the Net Worth Sheet to calculate your net worth, along with a personal monthly cash flow projection. It’s always a good idea to understand how much money you have in assets and what your investment flow looks like. This helps you make better decisions and be more prepared when you go seek financing.



Learn how to prepare a budget for your multifamily property. This calculator is ideal for investors trying to raise private money or secure financing for their deal. It’s never a good idea to blow your budget, so you always want to make sure your budget is in order and you have a plan for sticking to it. This calculator also helps you plan for cases where you might go over budget, so you’re prepared for whatever scenario that comes your way.


Schedule of Real Estate Owned:

Banks will want to know what real estate you own. This calculator allows you to list all your properties on one document, and will calculate your total mortgage obligations along with your owner’s equity. Manually putting together all of this information can be a huge pain. With this calculator, this becomes a simple task that lets you present your real estate properties in a clean and professional manner to the banks.


Lease Audit

This calculator is crucial when you are performing due diligence. It will give the ability to enter all leases, along with current rents, market rent, security deposit, any fees associated with lease and the expiration date of the lease. Have the piece of mind that your leases at closing are accurate. With the lease audit calculator at your disposal, you’ll be able to figure out what your potential cash flow will be and make the right decision when closing on a multifamily property. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, especially your leasing options, so this calculator will be a big help in this phase of the buying process.


Apartment Turn

Learn how to estimate the amount of capital needed to turn an apartment. Vital for all beginning investors. No more hidden surprises when renovating an apartment. The worst thing that can happen for beginners is when you’re surprised by unexpected expenses. WIth this calculator, you can account for the expenses and be prepared for what it would cost if they happen. Apartment turning is all about planning and setting realistic expectations for your budget.

As you can see, it’s all about the numbers in real estate! Learn how to analyze those numbers like a pro with our full suite of calculators! You’ll see that when you prepare and analyze everything closer, that it becomes much easier to make your investment decisions. Not only does it become easier, you also will get more investment wins. Using a real estate return on investment calculator is never a decision you’ll regret.

Discover Your Property ROI

A smart investor is a prepared investor. Before jumping into anything, it’s always a good idea to get a handle on all of your finances and see what your potential return on investment is going to be with a multifamily investment calculator. With the proper preparation and by calculating various different scenarios, you can be as prepared as possible for any surprises that come your way.

Of course, in real estate, nothing is guaranteed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up for success. With the right strategies and tools, you can make sure most of your decisions are the right ones. Try our real estate investing calculators today and see how they can help you with your next investment. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, anyone can benefit from a little bit of preparation.

Learn More about Investing with Jake and Gino

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Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Calculator

  An IRR calculator is a tool that helps investors calculate the internal rate of return on their investment. This is the percentage of return that they can expect to earn on their investment over a period of time. The IRR calculator takes into account the initial investment, the interest rate, and the number of years that the investor will hold onto the investment.  

Refinance Calculator

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Mortgage Calculator

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