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Jim Situ

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Grant Cardone

“I’ve NEVER read a book on Real Estate, Wheelbarrow Profits is my first read ever.”

Grant Cardone

New York Times Best Seller, Speaker and owner of 4K Apartments


“I can tell you after watching their lessons and reading the explanations of the different phases of acquisition, operation and ownership that this website is a MUST for anybody wanting to get into the apartment business.”

Rick Gentry
CCIM, Director at Cushman & Wakefield | Cornerstone

“The project looked good and Jake’s plans appear to be detailed and flawless. I do not know when I have met a more talented individual. His partners seem to be top drawer in every respect”

Grant Cardone

Jim Clayton
Chairman, Clayton Bank and Trust

“You guys are wonderful. You definitely know your stuff”

Frank Chen


“Jake and Gino’s approach to apartment investing is simple to follow and provides a clear path to buying your first property. Their coaching has given me the confidence and knowledge to start investing on my own. Buy right, manage right, and finance right!”

Andy Wright, Syracuse, NY

“As a small time real estate investor (own 4 small multifamilies) I picked up a lot of ideas for being more effective. Some of the financing ideas I’ll use right away such as using the equity in my owned properties to get a line of credit on a my next down payment.”

Colin R. Meehanon

“I’ve seen first hand the success this approach can generate.”

Sean Gordon

“Jake cuts out the fluff and gets right down to the practical information that will allow you to make more money and fewer mistakes.”

​Scott Brantley

“Gino and Jake take the mystery out of multi-family investing. Their step by step logical approach is refreshing.”

​Bradley Goodman

“Jake and Gino’s expertise and knowledge gave my wife and I the confidence to get into multi family housing without any prior experience. They made us feel comfortable about the process and walked us through everything from the financing to picking the right property.”

​Carter Baker

“These guys really know how to convey information. I was able to understand the advice and apply it to my investments. Efficient property management and growing my wealth have become more attainable.”
Nicole B

“As a real estate investor in my early 20’s seeking to purchase investments of 10 to 50 units, having physical documents highlighting my deals and business strategy allowed me to close a 16 unit apartment complex with 1.5% down. The insight and detail provided by Jake and Gino for instruction on how to create my own Credibility Book will help me take my investing to the next level. Jake and Gino offer no nonsense insight into their strategies with actionable steps that I believe will make a measurable impact in marketing and closing deals with sellers, bankers, and investors.”‘

Joel Florek