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21 March 2024

The Strategic Path to Becoming a General Partner in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Embarking on the journey to become a general partner (GP) in multifamily real estate investing is an endeavor that promises not just financial rewards but also the opportunity to play a pivotal role in the success of property investments. This article outlines a strategic approach for aspiring investors to transition from novices to influential GPs […]

12 January 2024

Mastering the ‘Buy Then Build’ of Business: Unveiling Acquisition Entrepreneurship

In the world of entrepreneurship, success often appears elusive, with many startups facing daunting odds of failure. Even those who manage to overcome these odds often find themselves struggling to exceed a million dollars in revenue. But what if there was an alternative approach that could significantly improve your chances of success? This is where […]

5 January 2024

Real Estate Investing Outlook 2024

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, it’s an opportune moment to peer into the future and discern what lies ahead in the multifamily real estate market. While none of us possess a crystal ball for precise predictions, we can draw insights from past trends and analyze current indicators to make educated guesses. This […]

27 December 2023

Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

In the world of real estate investing, timing is everything. As an aspiring real estate investor, you might be wondering if now is the right time to enter the market. In this article, we will explore why, in the words of Gino o, co-founder of Jake and Gino, it is unequivocally the right time to […]

21 December 2023

How To Invest in Multifamily Real Estate with No Money Down

Multifamily real estate investments are often hailed for their potential to provide substantial cash flow, tax benefits, and property management ease. These properties, comprising two or more residences within a single structure, offer a remarkable opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios. But what if you lack the liquid capital to make your entry into […]

How to Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investments: The Power of Equity

Real estate has long been a favored avenue for accumulating wealth, and for good reason. It offers opportunities for growth, passive income, and the potential to achieve financial freedom. In this article, we’ll delve into the key takeaways from a thought-provoking discussion on the importance of equity in real estate investments. The Epiphany: Equity Makes […]

12 December 2023

Understanding the Differences Between Investing In Multifamily & Single-Family Homes

Real estate investment options are diverse, with multifamily and single-family properties representing two distinct avenues. Each type offers unique advantages and considerations that investors should comprehend before making investment decisions. Financing Variances One of the primary disparities between multifamily and single-family homes lies in financing structures. Multifamily properties typically involve shorter-term mortgages with different terms […]

26 October 2023

Multifamily Real Estate Investing Glossary

Real estate investing, particularly in the multifamily sector, is a dynamic and multifaceted industry. To navigate this complex field successfully, it’s essential to understand the numerous terms, concepts, and strategies that underpin the real estate investment landscape. This comprehensive glossary aims to demystify the terminology commonly used in multifamily syndication and real estate investing. A […]

 The Power of Compounding in Real Estate Investing

Investing is a powerful way to grow wealth, and one of the most influential factors in wealth creation is the principle of compounding. Compounding is the process by which your investment earnings generate more earnings over time, creating a snowball effect that can significantly boost your returns. This phenomenon is particularly powerful in the world […]

Book Review: Tony Robbins “Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook”

“Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook” by Tony Robbins is a compelling guide to achieving financial freedom and security, especially in the face of economic uncertainty. In this review, we’ll explore the key takeaways and insights from this insightful and motivating book. Key Takeaways: Investment Insights: – Robbins offers a wealth of knowledge about investing, distilled […]

Understanding the Structure of a Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

Multifamily real estate syndication is a high-potential investment strategy that allows multiple investors to pool their resources to collectively purchase and manage apartment buildings. It provides an opportunity for passive investors to participate in real estate deals without the need for hands-on management. In this article, we will delve into the structure of a multifamily […]

21 October 2023

Top 10 Due Diligence Mistakes Made by Multifamily Real Estate Investors

Multifamily real estate investments offer significant potential for stable cash flow and long-term financial growth. However, the success of such investments heavily relies on thorough due diligence. Due diligence is the process of investigating a property’s financial, operational, and legal aspects before making an investment. Unfortunately, multifamily investors can make mistakes during this crucial phase […]

7 October 2023

 How To Evaluate Real Estate Syndication Deal Sponsors: A Comprehensive Guide

Real estate syndication is a popular investment strategy that allows individuals to pool their resources to invest in larger and potentially more lucrative real estate projects. While the investment property itself is crucial, the role of the deal sponsor is equally vital. Deal sponsors are the individuals or firms responsible for identifying, acquiring, managing, and […]

Decoding Success: The Mindset of the World’s Top 1%

In a world of over 7 billion people, a select few stand out as the top 1% of successful individuals. They are the titans of industry, the innovators, and the visionaries who have achieved remarkable success. What sets them apart from the rest of us? It’s not just their wealth or status; it’s their mindset, […]

26 September 2023

How To Start Your Real Estate Syndication Company

Starting a real estate syndication company can be a lucrative venture, but it requires careful planning, knowledge of real estate markets, legal compliance, and a solid network of potential investors. Below, we outline the key steps to help you get started on this exciting journey. Step 1: Educate Yourself Before diving into real estate syndication, […]

How To Choose the Right Market for Multifamily Investing

Selecting the ideal market for multifamily real estate investments is a critical decision that can significantly impact your success in the industry. To make an informed choice, consider the following key factors when evaluating potential markets: Economic Stability and Growth Investigate the economic stability and growth potential of a market. Look for cities or regions […]

22 September 2023

Financial Literacy for Millennials: Top 10 Actionable Tips

Financial literacy is a critical skill that everyone should possess, regardless of their age. However, for millennials, in particular, mastering financial literacy is essential. Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials have faced unique economic challenges, including student loan debt, the Great Recession, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. To help this generation navigate their financial journey […]

21 September 2023

Bridge Financing for Multifamily Real Estate Investing: A Comprehensive Guide

Real estate investors often find themselves in situations where they need to secure financing quickly to capitalize on a promising investment opportunity or address a short-term funding gap. In such scenarios, bridge financing can be a valuable tool, especially for multifamily real estate investments. This comprehensive guide will explore what bridge financing is, how it […]

13 September 2023

Real Estate Investing in a High-Interest Rate Environment: To Invest or Not to Invest?

In the ever-evolving world of real estate investment, one question that often looms large is whether it’s a prudent move to invest when interest rates are riding high. It’s a query that has perplexed many investors, both seasoned and newcomers alike. With the ups and downs of the economy, interest rates can fluctuate, posing a […]

Key Demographic Trends Apartment Investors Must Consider for Long-Term Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investment, apartment complexes have emerged as a particularly enticing asset class. The allure of consistent rental income, potential for property appreciation, and diversification benefits have drawn many investors into this market. However, like any investment, success in apartment investing relies heavily on understanding and adapting to shifting demographic […]

2 September 2023

Wholesaling vs. Multifamily Syndication: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the realm of real estate investment, two distinct strategies that often capture the attention of investors are wholesaling and multifamily syndication. These approaches offer unique opportunities for generating profits, but they come with their own sets of intricacies and considerations. This detailed guide will walk you through the nuances of wholesaling and multifamily syndication, […]

1 September 2023

Multifamily Investing Vs. Fix & Flip: Choosing the Right Real Estate Strategy

When it comes to real estate investment, two prominent strategies that often come into play are multifamily investing and fix and flip. Both avenues offer unique opportunities for investors to maximize their returns, but they also come with distinct approaches and considerations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of real estate […]

23 August 2023

1031 Exchange Single Family into Multi-family: All You Need To Know

A 1031 exchange, also known as a tax-deferred exchange or like-kind exchange, is a provision in the United States Internal Revenue Code that allows an investor to defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property if the proceeds are used to acquire a similar or “like-kind” property. This can be a powerful […]

15 August 2023

Exploring Seller Financing Pros and Cons: What You Need to Know

In the realm of real estate transactions, seller financing has emerged as an intriguing option for both buyers and sellers. This innovative approach offers a unique set of opportunities, along with some potential pitfalls. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the seller financing pros and cons, shedding light on how this arrangement works, who […]

9 August 2023

10 Questions to Ask When Buying an Apartment Complex

When considering buying an apartment complex, it’s crucial to gather comprehensive information from the seller to make an informed decision. Here are ten essential questions to ask the seller before proceeding with the deal: Reason for Selling What is the primary reason for selling the apartment complex? Understanding the seller’s motivations can provide valuable insights […]

3 August 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 10-Unit Apartment Complex

Are you considering venturing into real estate development and wondering about the costs involved in building a 10-unit apartment complex? Building such a complex can be a lucrative investment, but it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the expenses you’ll encounter along the way. In this article, we’ll break down the various factors that […]

26 July 2023

What is a Multifamily Syndication? How is it structured?

Multifamily syndication is a real estate investment strategy where multiple investors pool their financial resources to collectively invest in and acquire large-scale multifamily properties ...

24 July 2023

Seller Financing Techniques for Multifamily Investors

Investing in multifamily properties can be a profitable venture, but it often requires substantial capital. For many aspiring investors, securing traditional financing might be challenging due to stringent requirements or lack of a substantial down payment. In such cases, seller financing emerges as an attractive alternative. This article explores seller financing techniques for multifamily investors, […]

Exit Strategies for Multifamily Investors

While investing in multifamily properties can offer great opportunities for generating passive income and building wealth, it’s equally important for investors to have a well-defined exit strategy in place. An exit strategy outlines how and when an investor plans to liquidate or divest their multifamily investment. Having a clear exit plan ensures that investors can […]

22 July 2023

Due Diligence Tips for Multifamily Investors

Investing in multifamily properties can be a rewarding venture, offering the potential for consistent cash flow and long-term wealth. However, before diving into any multifamily investment, conducting thorough due diligence is paramount to mitigate risks and ensure a successful investment. In this article, we will explore essential due diligence tips for multifamily investors, equipping them […]

20 July 2023

IRR vs. AAR: A Guide for Multifamily Investors

As a multifamily real estate investor, it’s essential to comprehend various financial metrics that can help you make informed decisions about your investments. Two key metrics, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Average Annual Return (AAR), play crucial roles in evaluating the profitability and performance of investment opportunities. In this article, we will explore the […]

13 April 2023

Management Fees and Property Expenses Rules of Thumb

Rules of thumb can be defined as a guideline that provides simplified advice regarding a particular subject. It’s important for beginner investors to learn…

17 January 2023

How To Get Into Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

A syndication is simply a partnership between a group of investors pooling their resources into a…

15 January 2023

How Do Limited Partners In A Syndication Get Back Their Initial Capital

By Joel Heck One of the most important responsibilities for a sponsor in a syndication is protecting their investors’ capital. The business plan for a syndication may last 2, 5, or 10 years, but eventually the limited partners in the deal will want their money back. If you’re a limited partner in a deal, it’s important […]

4 January 2023

Is College worth the Return on Investment?

For those of you contemplating college as the next step in your life, it will be one of the most important decisions you will

14 December 2022

How To Create Baby Money Soldiers

Leverage The Power of Compounding To Scale-Up Your Apartment Portfolio We bought our first 25-unit property for around US$600,000, in 2013. In 3 years, we made

15 September 2022

A 401(k) is Risky. Here’s a Safer Investment Strategy

[Excerpt from the article authored by Jake Stenziano, for Entrepreneur Magazine] Real estate investment is arguably safer than traditional investment methods. If you are

23 November 2021

5 Challenges to Overcome When Investing in Multi-Family

Often when we think about multi-family real estate investing, we think about all the “shiny” aspects of it: the scalability, the ability to invest

20 September 2021

The Pros & Cons of Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

In the previous article, we described what is a multifamily syndication. In this article, I want to present to you the pros and cons…

12 September 2021

What is Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

When Jake & I began our investing career, we only knew of one way to buy real estate. Buy it by yourself! We had…

21 July 2021

The 5 Languages of Appreciation In The Workplace

When I was first introduced to the 5 Love Languages, I was a bit skeptical. My initial instinct was, “Isn’t being a good provider

25 May 2021

Want to Protect Yourself On a Master Lease Offer? Do Your Due Diligence.

The following is adapted from Creative Cash. When you use creative and seller financing (CSF), which is a non-traditional or creative way of buying…

20 April 2021

Avoid These Mistakes When Analyzing Multi-family Real Estate Deals

The following is adapted from Creative Cash by Bill Ham, Gino Barbaro, and Jake Stenziano. Analysis is key with creative and seller financing (CSF), a type…

9 April 2021

Multi-family Real Estate Exit Strategies for Creative Financing Deals

The following is adapted from Creative Cash by Bill Ham. Know the way out… before you get in! This is a key strategy with creative and…

1 April 2021

How to Find Good Multi-family Real Estate Deals

The following is adapted from Creative Cash by Bill Ham (author), Gino Barbaro (contributor), Jake Stenziano (contributor). Anyone who has experience in multi-family real estate will…

27 February 2021

The Three Characteristics That Every Investor Looks For A Successful Investment & Why Multifamily Nails All Three

Consumers nowadays have the option to invest their hard earned money in countless investments, ranging from crypto, to real estate, to stocks and bonds…

13 February 2021

What Do You Want from Life?

Is there any last thought you want to leave with our listeners? Earlier this week I was on a great podcast with two heavy-hitting…

9 February 2021

What Are The Four Phases Of A Real Estate Market Cycle

How to Use The Four Market Phases To Buy Right One of the biggest mistakes when I began investing in real estate was being…

4 February 2021

Gino Barbaro Reviews ‘Creative Cash’ – A Book Authored By Bill Ham

This is arguably one of the timeliest real estate books to come to the market in years. We are in a transitioning economic market,…

29 January 2021

The 7 Steps to Goal Setting

We have all been told that goal setting is one of the keys to leading a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, only approximately 5%…

20 January 2021

Who Is Rich? Who Is Not?

By Emma & Tristan Tully When I was six years old, I remember enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of…

19 January 2021

How To Increase The Income On Your Multifamily Property

Fifteen Ways To Increase Revenue The way to increase the value of a multifamily property is to either increase the income or decrease the…

11 January 2021

Understanding The Six Human Needs & How to Satisfy Them All

By Gino Barbaro Every human on the planet has six basic needs, and learning these six needs will guide you to leading a more…

7 January 2021

6 Steps To Follow To Acquire Wealth

As I was rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across a fantastic method of training your mind to acquire money. The…

21 December 2020

How To Flip A Small Apartment Complex

When Jake and I bought our first apartment, our investing strategy was solely focused on buy and hold forever. We were still new investors…

16 December 2020

How to Approach a Commercial Broker

RE stands for Relationships, not Real Estate. Multifamily investing is a people game. Of course, there is a significant amount of education, capital, and…

10 December 2020

How To Perform Jake & Gino’s Three-Step Due Diligence On A Multifamily Property

How To Perform Jake & Gino’s Three-Step Due Diligence On A Multifamily Property Any experienced investor will tell you how significant it is to…

17 November 2020

Student Spotlight: Being Committed and Taking Action

By Timothy Lyons Study hard and get a good job. Max out your 401k. Buy a house, as it will be your biggest asset. Limiting…

8 September 2020

MNS – Building a Successful Multi-Family Business with Jake Stenziano

Today’s Guest of Movers & Shakers is Jake Stenziano. In this episode Josh & Gino cover: Being able to choose a profession based on…

24 August 2020

How Much Money Do Apartment Building Owners Make

The majority of investors are hard wired to focus on the short-term benefits and returns of an investment, while not appreciating or understanding the…

12 August 2020

The Seven Levels of Building a Successful Multifamily Real Estate Business

When Jake & I decided to join forces and create the Jake & Gino community back in 2014, I was still working at my…

15 July 2020

How Will Multifamily Owners Have to Adapt in Order to Thrive Post Covid-19?

By Derek Loda, Jake & Gino Student since 2019 There is a vast array of uncertainty in the world right now, and it’s affects…

8 July 2020

Four Phases of Financial Freedom

In this article, Jake & I are going to talk about the four phases to achieving Financial Freedom. Now, it’s much easier to look…

30 June 2020

7 Biggest Learning Lessons From Investing In Our First Rental Property

By Greg And Rachel Schwartz, Jake and Gino Members since 2019 We’ve learned a lot since jumping into real estate full time. After 9…

2 June 2020

Top 5 Risks When You Don’t Have A Mentor

In this article, we will identify the top five risks associated with not utilizing a mentor or education platform. We have learned through our…

27 May 2020

What Are The Four Energy Blocks And How Are They Holding You Back

The goal of an IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence) coach is to have a complete understanding of what a client wants, what is blocking…

25 May 2020

How to Generate $10,000 in Passive Income Every Month through Multifamily Real Estate

By Gino Barbaro When we talk about financial freedom, people seem to think of $10,000 as the magic number. This seems to be the…

20 May 2020

Flip The Script

In my experience, it is difficult for a sequel to deliver more value or have more of an impact than the original. You usually…

19 May 2020

Influence: Science & Practice

Why does it seem as if some people have a greater level of influence over others? You’ve met those moms and dads out there…

12 May 2020

3 Pillars To Managing The Corona Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every facet of our livelihood, here at Rand Partners we felt it was important to take a step back…

7 May 2020

Is This The Right Time To Get Into Multifamily?

By Gino Barbaro The number one question that I get from either Jake and Gino students or potential students, or anyone learning or wanting…

30 April 2020

15 Lessons learned from the Covid 19 Pandemic

When I look back at the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, I see a few similarities to a hurricane that is preparing to…

29 April 2020

Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff

Being a father of six children, I am constantly being pitched to throughout the day, and I have to admit, I do a lot…

23 April 2020

The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Committed When I Purchased My First Commercial Property

In November of 2016, after six months of back and forth negotiations, I purchased a 19,000 square foot mixed-use commercial building in New York.…

20 April 2020

Why Multifamily Kicks Single Family’s A$$

When I first started investing in real estate back in 2015, I went the single family house route. I saved up the down payment,…

15 April 2020

7 Challenges of our First Syndication

To syndicate or not to syndicate, that has been the question for Jake & I. On the one hand, building a portfolio of over…

The Fountainhead of Investing: Impact of COVID-19 on CRE

By Will Coleman The Impact of COVID-19. It is no doubt that we are all witnessing history. While the long-term impact of COVID-19 as…

12 April 2020

“Unit Mix” For Multifamily Investors

Rules of Thumb, Part 1. In the previous article, we defined what an investing rule of thumb was and how they were useful in…

7 April 2020

Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss

Every once in a while, you pick up a book and have doubts about the value that it will deliver to you. I was…

15 March 2020

How to Use Owner Financing to Generate Wealth

One of the most popular questions that I get from my students is “Where do I get money for the down payment?” In this…

20 February 2020

How To Renovate An Apartment

How To Renovate An Apartment To Maximize Your Return On Investment: Pictures & Audio Included! In December of 2017, we purchased a…

15 February 2020

How To Rent Your Apartment Unit Quickly and Affordably

At Jake & Gino, we have created a proprietary three-step framework on how to invest in multifamily: Buy Right, Manage Right, & Finance Right.…

3 July 2019

Start Building Your Dream & Own Your Story

By Jadde Rowe, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “This is my two-week notice.” I could not believe these words were coming from my mouth after a successful two-year career as a young recent University graduate. I remember calling my mom on the way home asking, “Do you trust me, do you care about me, do you […]

Start Building Your Dream & Own Your Story

By Jadde Rowe, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “This is my two-week notice.” I could not believe these words were coming from my…

18 June 2019

My First Real Estate Equity Raise in Retrospect

By Gwyeth Smith, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “Congratulations, you can now take possession of Brooklawn Apartments.” There was no hiding the smile…

14 June 2019

How To Buy Your First 25-Unit Apartment Complex

“You gotta walk through the Courtyard to get to the Hammond” In the winter of 2013, Jake and I purchased our first apartment complex,…

8 May 2019

Know Can Do!

How You Can Make Education * Action = ResultsA Reality In Your Life One of the huge mysteries for most coaches and teachers is “Why does one student excel with the education provided, while another student struggles and loses interest in the subject?” After reading Know Can Do, I am a lot closer to understanding how…

30 April 2019

5 Things Quitting (One) of My Jobs Allowed Me To Do

By Aaron Nelson, Jake & Gino member since 2018 At 4 pm on Friday, April 12, I turned off my company-provided laptop and let out a big sigh of relief. Three weeks prior, I had put in notice to resign from my 40 hour per week W2 job as a pharmacist, and my last day…

22 December 2018

WBP – The Podcaster’s Roadmap on How To Syndicate Your First Multifamily Property

Welcome to the Podcaster’s Roadmap on How To Syndicate Your First Multifamily Property. In this article, we have compiled podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles…

27 November 2018

Never Lose A Customer Again By Joey Coleman

Customer service is often overlooked in the mom and pop business, and my restaurant in New York was no exception. If I had read…

16 November 2018

The Five Step Framework For Achieving Success In Real Estate And Life

My life was filled with several limiting beliefs that were holding me back from attaining success. My first limiting belief was that if you…

9 May 2018

Nine Reasons Why Having a Big Family & Investing in Multifamily Real Estate are Similar

I remember vividly the feelings of absolute joy and fear when my first child was born. I was ecstatic to usher our first baby…

8 April 2018

Why You Need To Hire A Laundry Provider For Your Multifamily Property

64 Unit Case Study: “Twin Oaks” In this article, I have teamed up with Jake & Gino team member and laundry expert…

15 March 2018

The ​H​oney ​T​rap with Joseph Gozlan

Joseph Gozlan is the founder of EBG Acquisitions, a multifamily investment group in Texas. He and his wife became accidental residential landlords in 2005…

4 March 2018

Multifaceted Multifamily: Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue In Your Multifamily Business

The goal of any entrepreneur is to build a business that can be scaled and can eventually turn into a passive investment. Entrepreneurs are…

1 March 2018

Leveling the playing field with Brian Dally

Brian Dally is the CEO of GROUNDFLOOR, a company that specializes in the process of taking private lending public, where both accredited and non-accredited…

21 February 2018

The Go-Giver By Bob Burg & John David Mann

One of the huge benefits of hosting a weekly podcast is that you are able to ask successful entrepreneurs what books have had a…

1 February 2018

Millionaire Success Habits with Dean Graziosi

If you are investing in real estate, chances are that you have heard the name Dean Graziosi. Dean has been investing in real estate…

1 January 2018

Multifamily Financing: How To Get The Best Terms For Your Deal?

Most investors are familiar and find comfort when it comes to financing a single-family home, but become overwhelmed and intimidated when the conversation turns…

14 December 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Tax Free Wealth By Tom Wheelwright

Tax Free Wealth: A must read for all business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand tax laws and utilize them to their advantage.…

3 November 2017

The One Thing By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

I was introduced to the book The One Thing by a fellow entrepreneur who was a guest on our podcast. I am always on…

20 October 2017

Discover the operating system we use for our business with Mike Paton, Visionary at EOS Worldwide

Listen to “Discover the operating system we use for our business with EOS Worldwide visionary, Mike Paton” on Spreaker. In this episode we are…

3 October 2017

A Roadmap For Buying Your Next Apartment

When I made the jump to multifamily investing, I was unsure of the steps I needed to take to get into my first deal.…

20 September 2017

The Millionaire Fastlane By MJ DeMarco

Have you ever started reading a book that made you feel uncomfortable and pushed you to reassess your business or your life? When I…

19 September 2017

The Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs By Hal Elrod and Cameron Herold

I was introduced to the Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs from a highly successful podcast guest, and I wasted no time in ordering my copy.…

23 August 2017

Wealth Can’t Wait By David Osborn and Paul Morris

David and Paul have teamed up to write the book Wealth Can’t Wait to share their decades of wealth building experience with any entrepreneur…

17 August 2017

How to Increase Performance Dramatically with Positive Self-Concept

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you excel at certain tasks in life and fail miserably at others? Is it luck, experience, a…

3 August 2017

The Multifamily Syndication Process with John Cohen

John Cohen is multifamily investor from Queens NY. He is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Toro Real Estate Partners, including strategic direction of…

31 July 2017

Three Types of People Every Entrepreneur Needs On His Or Her Team

I have been blessed the past couple of months to be able to interview some inspiring entrepreneurs on the Wheelbarrow Profits podcast, and I’ve…

22 July 2017

5 Great Empowering Questions To Ask When You’re Stuck

Have you ever been cruising through life, when all of a sudden, you hit a wall? I experienced this feeling of being stuck shortly…

The ABCs Of Real Estate Investing By Ken McElroy

If you are seriously considering to transition into multifamily investing, the first book you should read is The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy.…

29 June 2017

Turning your business plans into profitability with Thor Conklin

Owning a business is one thing. Owning a profitable business that you can depend on is another. So many people get stuck becoming soloprenuers…

16 June 2017

Your Multifamily Investing Questions Answered

As investors and educators, Jake & I fall into the trap of thinking that we know what our member’s pain points are. The only…

4 June 2017

How to Buy First Multifamily Property

Welcome to the ultimate podcaster’s roadmap on how to buy your first multifamily property. In this article, we have compiled podcasts, You Tube videos, and…

16 May 2017

Investment Realty – Property Classification

Rules of Thumb, Part 2. In our previous article, we focused on unit mix and the importance of choosing an apartment complex with the…

10 Signs That Your Management Company is Not Performing

To manage or not to manage, that is one of the most difficult questions for a beginning investor to answer. On the one hand,…

8 May 2017

5 Questions To Ask When Buying Multifamily Real Estate

As we progress deeper into the current real estate cycle, most Jake and Gino members I interact with are asking the question: “When (not…

29 March 2017

Why All Investors Need To Create A Budget Before Investing In Multifamily Properties

As I sit here in Florida on a month’s vacation, I find it extremely difficult to compose an article espousing the benefits of creating…

1 March 2017

Five Skills Every Multifamily Investor Should Develop

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think And Grow Rich, created a framework of success that the reader could follow by establishing his thirteen steps…

24 February 2017

Making Millions and Building Cash Flow with Mom and Pop Apartment Investing – Kevin Bupp

In Kevin Bupp’s Podcast “Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow” Kevin spoke with Jake and Gino about how they got their start as Multifamily…

15 February 2017

A Letter to My Children About Investing

The job of a parent has always been challenging, but with times changing so rapidly, the challenges are becoming more daunting. The Internet has…

10 February 2017

Unconventional Wealth

Mike’s book resonated with me on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. His journey and mine have taken similar paths,…

8 February 2017

Building Your Real Estate Empire While Working 9-5

There are countless reasons for individuals to begin investing in real estate. The most common reason that I hear from my students is they…

26 January 2017

Syndicating Multifamily Apartments with Attorney Jeff Love

In this episode We sit down with a syndication attorney Jeff Love and take a deep dive into the legal side of syndicating apartments.…

25 January 2017

Setting Rents for the New Year

The art of raising rents is a difficult one to master for newbie investors. The fear of creating a vacancy or offending a tenant…

24 January 2017

Afformations: The Miracle of Positive Self Talk By Noah St. John

Noah St. John, known for inventing Afformations, is another example of a person who turned disappointment and failure into triumph and success. He was…

17 January 2017

Why Multifamily Units are Crushing the Market

How to Use The Four Market Phases To Buy Right Have you noticed all the real estate television shows are focused solely on fixing…

12 January 2017

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill published his amazingly popular book back in 1937, and the message is just as relevant today as it was back then. It…

11 January 2017

15 Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Multifamily Property

The way to increase the value of a multifamily property is to either increase the income or decrease the expenses, which will affect the…

4 January 2017

A Property Inspection: How To Use One To Your Advantage and Why You Need To Perform One

Two of the most important, yet often overlooked words in investing are “Due Diligence”. To the savvy investor, due diligence is the period of…

20 December 2016

Quit Your Job by Creating A Plan to Invest In Multifamily Real Estate

The year was 2011. My business was floundering and I was working just as many hours but earning less. Does that sound familiar? I…

6 December 2016

Why You Should Spend Money For Your Real Estate Education

I attribute all of my success in the real estate space to receiving a thorough education through mentors, coaches and training programs. The education…

30 November 2016

How to Influence An Outcome By Using The Three Essential Variables of Negotiation

Negotiation is simply defined as the act or process of having a discussion in order to reach an agreement. An individual is trying to…

7 November 2016

How You Can Summon Motivation When You Need It

Motivation is defined as “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something”. I have come to define motivation as a…

27 October 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part 4

In the previous article, Jake and I discussed incompetent team members and signing an exclusive with a broker. In this article, we are going…

19 October 2016

My Advice To Those Thinking About Giving Up

Do you ever find yourself stuck, with thoughts of doubt and anxiety creeping in? Don’t know what the next step is? This is a…

21 September 2016

A Letter To My 30 Year Old Self

As I approach my first year since “retiring” from my restaurant business, I decided to reflect back and analyze the path I took to…

14 September 2016

The Steps I Took To Owning 674 Multifamily Real Estate Units

I wish I could say that I woke up one morning and God had bestowed upon me 674 multifamily real estate units. Unfortunately, life…

7 September 2016

9 Negotiation Techniques To Help You Close The Deal

Two of the biggest myths in business are: “He or she was a born negotiator” and my favorite “That guy is a natural born…

17 August 2016

How To Successfully Negotiate Your Next Real Estate Deal

One of the keys to a successful life is your ability to negotiate and convey your “side of the story” to others. I learned…

10 August 2016

How You Can Avoid Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part 3

Entrepreneurs will tell you that they learn more from their mistakes than their successes. My definition of an entrepreneur is a person who has…

6 July 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes to 500 Units and How You Can Avoid Them: Part 2

In the previous article, we began to highlight mistakes that Jake and I committed as we embarked on our investment career. We obviously have…

30 June 2016

The Seven Steps To Success In Real Estate, Part 3

In the second ARTICLE, I laid out the next three steps to achieving success in real estate. My goal here is to dive into…

22 June 2016

The Seven Steps To Success In Real Estate Part 2

In the first ARTICLE, I laid out the seven steps to achieving success in real estate. I expanded upon the first two steps, and…

16 June 2016

The Seven Steps To Success in Real Estate

Starting a new venture can be one of the most daunting tasks, especially an undertaking that involves money and risk. If you begin a…

10 June 2016

The $1,600,000 Climb To The Top

When Jake and I purchased Park Place apartments, we knew that the property was underperforming and we had a terrific opportunity to “force” the…

29 May 2016

The Gateway To Multifamily Real Estate

In life, it is always difficult to begin a new journey or eliminate a bad habit. Our habits become a part of our physiology…

25 May 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes Investing to 675 Units in Real Estate

And How You Can Avoid Them One of the major foundation principles that I learned while attending IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)…

18 May 2016

How Landlords Can Create a Win-Win for Tenants and Employees

How Landlords Can Create a Win-Win for Tenants and Employees One of the best ways to retain quality tenants in your apartments is to…

11 May 2016

Jake and Gino’s Three-Step Framework For Performing Due Diligence

Any experienced investor will tell you that due diligence are two of the most important words in investing. Due diligence is defined by Investopedia…

27 April 2016

What Is Rat Race And How You Can Exit This Race

The rat race conjures many different ideas and definitions, but it affects all of us in a similar manner. I simply define it as…

19 April 2016

The Three-Step Repositioning Process For Adding Value To Your Multifamily Properties

The number one goal when investing in multifamily real estate and to explode your wealth is to increase the Net Operating Income (NOI). Let…

6 April 2016

Property Classification Rule of Thumb

In our previous article, we focused on unit mix and the importance of choosing an apartment complex with the most beneficial unit mix. In…

31 March 2016

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: The Top Five Things You Need To Know To Avoid Losing Money

Real estate investing may appear to be complex for beginners, but no great things come easy in life. I officially began my real estate…

23 March 2016

“Unit Mix” Rule of Thumb for Multifamily Investors

In the previous article, we defined what an investing rule of thumb was and how they were useful in real estate investing. A rule…

16 March 2016

How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate

What is holding you back from investing in real estate? Is it not having enough money, short on time, lack of experience, fear, or…

24 February 2016

What is a Rule of Thumb and How Can it Help your Real Estate Investing

When it comes to investing in real estate, it’s not as complicated as some make it out to be. Investopedia defines a rule of…

17 February 2016

What Items to Improve When Repositioning a Property: PART 2

In the previous article, we discussed our strategy to improve a property, thus creating wealth and attracting and maintaining quality tenants. We strive to…

10 February 2016

Investing in Rental Properties: What Items to Improve When Repositioning a Rental Property

We have designed a framework at which entails three crucial steps: Buy right Manage right Finance right. To be a successful real estate…

28 January 2016

Who to Have on Your Real Estate Team, Part 2

Service Members In the first article, we discussed the importance of building a winning team to support your real estate business. We described and…

16 January 2016

Why You Need to Use Our Credibility Book to Find and Close Your Real Estate Deals

One of the biggest complaints I hear from real estate investors is “Where do I find the money for my down payment?” Although this…

11 January 2016

Who to have on your Real Estate Team

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Guess what? Your business is no different. If…

7 January 2016

How to Network and Choose the Right Real Estate Broker for Multi-Family Investing

In our first podcast, Jake and I had the pleasure of interviewing thirty year veteran Rick Gentry, real estate broker from Avison Young in…

1 January 2016

What is an Empowering Question and Why You Need to Use Them to Connect with Others

An empowering question is a thought provoking, open ended, challenging question that allows a person to look for answers and new opportunities. Tony Robbins…

31 December 2015

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes to 500 Units and How You Can Avoid Them: Part 5

We hope you have enjoyed our previous articles on committing mistakes while investing in real estate. We want to conclude with two mistakes that…

21 December 2015

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Acquire Wealth

As I was rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across a fantastic method of training your mind to acquire money. The…

18 December 2015

Finance Right, The third pillar of the Wheelbarrow Profits investment strategy.

Now that you’ve purchased your property correctly and are managing right, its time to secure long-term financing. This is the final leg of the…

11 December 2015

Manage Right, The Second Pillar of the Wheelbarrow Profits Investment Strategy.

Now that you’ve purchased your property correctly, its time to reposition it for big bucks. Learn our three step framework on how to turn…

9 December 2015

A Powerful Formula Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Use to Create Wealth

There are dozens of formulas that real estate investors use every day to analyze their deals, such as cash on cash return, or cap…

8 December 2015

Why Invest In Multifamily

In this Time For Action Tuesday, Jake and Gino share with you the main reasons why investing in multifamily real estate makes sense if…

1 December 2015

The Seven Steps to Goal Setting, Part 2

In the previous article, we introduced the seven steps to goal setting. We discussed the first three steps: Decide what your goals / objectives…

17 November 2015

How A Coach Can Lead You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

I have attributed the transformation and growth in my life the past few years to attending and becoming a Certified Professional Coach. The education…

11 November 2015

Gino’s $300,000 Mistake, And How You Can Avoid Those Mistakes

In this week’s Time For Action Tuesday, Gino explains the major mistakes he made in multifamily investing and what you need to do to…

6 July 2015

Analyzing Vacancy Loss

Rules of Thumb #8 Analyzing Vacancy Loss and How to Hold Real Estate In this article, we would like to discuss what type of…

30 May 2015

And More Due Diligence Items On Your Checklist

Rules of Thumb, Part 4 (continued) In our previous article, we discussed the importance of gathering utility bills, insurance documents, outstanding work orders and…

22 May 2015

How to Conduct Multifamily Apartment Due Diligence

Rules of Thumb, Part 4. Any experienced investor will tell you how significant it is to know how to conduct multifamily apartment due diligence.…

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