What Is Rat Race And How You Can Exit This Race

The rat race conjures many different ideas and definitions, but it affects all of us in a similar manner.  I simply define it as being caught in a maze and getting nowhere fast.  The thought that earning more money will solve my problems and lead me out of this inexhaustible race, and the ability to have no work-life balance encapsulate the notion of a rat race for me.

There are countless negative habits associated with being trapped in the rat race.  People are competitive in this state, and view life as a zero sum game.  I must win; therefore, he has to lose.  We lose all sense of creativity, and the ability to create win-win relationships.  We tend to focus on the short-term goal, instead of focusing on the bigger picture.

Individuals also tend to lose focus on following their passion, and yield to the daily pressures of earning a living instead of creating a lifestyle.  My biggest mistake while trapped in the race was having my business pay for my lifestyle instead of creating a lifestyle around my business.  I was suffering from a symptom of being in the rat race, having a foggy mind and not being able to think outside the box.

Our society has been teaching us to form our thoughts toward this model:

Do good workHave more $$$— Be Happy.

Have you ever heard of: go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good education, find a job, etc.
We are all conditioned to do good work, and from our fruits of labor, receive compensation, and only then do we feel a sense of satisfaction or happiness.

This is what the model should be:
Be Happy—-Do great work—Have $$$ or Abundance

Every single one of us should concentrate on our passion, what gets our juices flowing.  This will lead to happiness, and will motivate us to DO great work.  From this great work, we will derive our livelihood.  This is the model that I am teaching my children.  I want them to focus on happiness and what interests them the most.  If they want to pursue a college education, that’s great.  If not, then think about what you find joy in.

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I can point to countless successful entrepreneurs in our country.  A few of my favorites are Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki.  The characteristic that defines these leaders and extraordinary men is the fact that they are all passionate about their vocation.  They all have a burning desire to share their message and they all attack life from my second model.  I’m sure they have been stuck in a rut like you and I, but their passion and love for their work has propelled them to greatness.

My goal with this article is for you to reevaluate your life to see what model you are following, and more importantly, if that model is serving you.  Ask yourself what your life would look like if you were able to exit the rat race.  A wise person said that even if you “win” the rat race, you’re still a rat.  In effect, you have sacrificed your values and your time to win a race.  Who are you racing against?

Write down what is most important to you in life.  Are you spending enough time with what is important?  How can you incorporate it into your life more?  For example, my family is the most important thing.  I am creating a business where I will have the flexibility to spend more time with them.  I also want to include them in my business.

Start focusing on what draws out the passion in you.  For me, it is being able to talk to people and add value to their lives.  I have been to do this with my coaching program and the products that I offer through my real estate education company.

To achieve financial freedom visit Jake and Gino.  Let’s begin your journey to unlocking your potential and creating wealth.

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