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On this episode, Jake and Gino, talk about the financial advice Suze Orman has given over the years, and compare that to their own thoughts about where to park your savings. We all want to get the biggest bang for our buck, so how do we do that? By deploying our Baby Money Soldiers™ to work!

We love the term “Baby Money Soldiers,” but as Jake says- there’s a lot of truth to this metaphor. It’s how you apply your vision to your business, and then the actions you take with the deals you complete. If you use your troops correctly, you can grow your army.

An entrepreneur knows better than anyone that you don’t always have to take the traditional path to financial success. When it comes to saving money as an entrepreneur, you need to be putting your baby-money soldiers to WORK for you. Every single dollar should have a job to do.


Are you locking your Baby Money Soldiers™ up in a retirement savings plan like a 401(K)?
Are you sending them somewhere they can grow and multiply?

Jake and Gino dive into using your Baby Money Soldiers™ to harness the power of compounding, and options to grow and protect your long-term wealth. Stay tuned for the launch of our e-book, Baby Money Soldiers!

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction
01:42 How does Suze Orman make her money?
03:22 Putting Baby Money Soldiers™ in jail: Dollars held captive in 401(K)
06:54 Term life insurance versus whole life insurance
08:35 Defining the term ‘baby money soldiers’
10:07 Wrap-up

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