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creative cash book

The Complete Guide To Using Other People’s Money For Real Estate Investing

creative cash book

The Best Book for Creative Financing and Master Lease Options

Financing is one of the biggest struggles for new multifamily real estate investors. Not only can the amount of information be overwhelming, you might find yourself wasting time trying to secure financing that just doesn’t pan out. The frustration is enough to drive away even the most motivated investors.
But financing doesn’t have to be as traditional as you might think. In the world of real estate, there are plenty of creative ways to get the job done. If you’re wanting to find a way to finance your ventures, but the typical ways aren’t working, may we suggest checking out the Creative Cash Book. The Creative Cash Book is one of Jake and Gino’s best recommendations for MLOs and seller financing. Learn more about it below.

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Creative Cash: A Brief Synopsis

Think you can’t afford to invest in multifamily real estate?
Now, you can. Discover the best-kept secrets of the two creative, effective financing strategies other investors don’t want you to know about :
Master Lease Options and Seller Financing.

Real estate investor Bill Ham used these strategies to buy his first 400 units without ever stepping into a bank or qualifying for a loan.

In Creative Cash, you’ll learn step-by-step how to:

  • Buy property without ever stepping into a bank​
  • Identify the best emerging markets
  • Find the right deals
  • Analyze and underwrite those deals
  • Make offers and perform due diligence
  • Negotiate successfully
  • Come out ahead with exit strategies for creating wealth
  • Let Bill show you how to close your next deal with little to no money down using the hottest strategies in real estate—leveraging other people’s money to come out ahead.

This book is not only the best book on master lease options, it’s the best book on seller financing real estate strategies too. This is a must-read for those who want to find a creative financing real estate book.

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As incredible as this book is, you’ll need to continuously learn and take in new strategies for long-term success in real estate. Jake and Gino have tons of resources to teach you new strategies. Check out their various courses, podcasts, and other book suggestions.
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