Manage Right: Everything You Need to Know About Running Your Multifamily Real Estate Business

5 January 2024

Real Estate Investing Outlook 2024

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, it’s an opportune moment to peer into the future and discern what lies ahead in the multifamily real estate market. While none of us possess a crystal ball for precise predictions, we can draw insights from past trends and analyze current indicators to make educated guesses. This […]

28 December 2023

Self vs. Third-Party Property Management: Making the Right Choice

In the realm of multi-family real estate investing, achieving success hinges on three core principles: buy right, manage right, and finance right. Among these, property management often proves to be the most challenging and critical component. The decision to manage properties in-house or opt for third-party property management involves a careful evaluation of your goals, […]

20 November 2023

Tips for Effective Communication with Tenants

Successful property management involves more than maintaining the physical aspects of a rental property; it also encompasses fostering positive relationships with residents (aka tenants). Establishing effective communication channels and nurturing relationships with tenants are key factors in ensuring tenant satisfaction, retention, and a harmonious landlord-tenant dynamic. Clear and Transparent Communication Clear and transparent communication lays […]

Effective Asset Management Tips for Multifamily Real Estate Owners

Owning multifamily real estate comes with the responsibility of effective asset management to ensure optimal performance, sustained profitability, and tenant satisfaction. From property maintenance to financial oversight, successful asset management involves various strategies and best practices that can significantly impact the property’s success and long-term value. Proactive Property Maintenance Maintaining multifamily properties is paramount to […]

31 October 2023

Portfolio Diversification Strategies for Real Estate

Introduction Investing in real estate can be a lucrative endeavor, but it comes with risks. Portfolio diversification strategies for real estate are essential for safeguarding your investments and ensuring long-term financial success. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various techniques to diversify your real estate portfolio and mitigate potential risks. The Significance of Diversification […]

26 October 2023

Understanding the Structure of a Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

Multifamily real estate syndication is a high-potential investment strategy that allows multiple investors to pool their resources to collectively purchase and manage apartment buildings. It provides an opportunity for passive investors to participate in real estate deals without the need for hands-on management. In this article, we will delve into the structure of a multifamily […]

21 October 2023

Top 10 Due Diligence Mistakes Made by Multifamily Real Estate Investors

Multifamily real estate investments offer significant potential for stable cash flow and long-term financial growth. However, the success of such investments heavily relies on thorough due diligence. Due diligence is the process of investigating a property’s financial, operational, and legal aspects before making an investment. Unfortunately, multifamily investors can make mistakes during this crucial phase […]

Managing Risks in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Investing in multifamily real estate can be a rewarding and financially sound endeavor, but it is not without its share of challenges and uncertainties. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore strategies and practices that enable you to minimize and effectively manage the risks associated with multifamily real estate investments. Whether you are a seasoned […]

21 September 2023

10 Tips to Enhance NOI on Your Multifamily Property

Before diving into tips for enhancing Net Operating Income (NOI) on your multifamily property, it’s crucial to understand what NOI is and how it’s calculated. What is NOI? Net Operating Income (NOI) is a fundamental financial metric used in real estate to assess the profitability of an income-generating property. It represents the property’s income after […]

1 September 2023

Multifamily Investing Vs. Fix & Flip: Choosing the Right Real Estate Strategy

When it comes to real estate investment, two prominent strategies that often come into play are multifamily investing and fix and flip. Both avenues offer unique opportunities for investors to maximize their returns, but they also come with distinct approaches and considerations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of real estate […]

26 August 2023

What is Vacancy Loss in Multifamily Apartment Buildings and How to Calculate it?

Vacancy loss in the context of multifamily apartment buildings refers to the income that is lost due to units being unoccupied or vacant. It’s a critical factor for property owners and managers to consider when evaluating the financial performance of their rental property. Calculating vacancy loss involves determining the potential rental income that could have […]

25 August 2023

What is Loss to Lease in Multifamily?

“Loss to Lease” is a term used in the context of multifamily real estate, particularly in property management and investment analysis. It refers to the difference between the potential rental income that a property could generate and the actual rental income it currently receives. In other words, it’s the amount of income that a property […]

24 August 2023

How To Calculate Capital Gains On Sale of a Rental Property?

Understanding how to calculate capital gains when selling a rental property is essential for effective financial planning. The initial step in this computation involves subtracting the property’s adjusted basis at the sale time from the total sales price, including incurred expenses like legal fees and commissions. This calculation yields the capital gain from the sale. […]

11 August 2023

How To Improve Resident Experience In Apartment Complexes

Improving the resident experience in apartment complexes is essential for attracting and retaining tenants, fostering a sense of community, and maintaining a positive reputation. Happy residents are more likely to renew their leases and recommend the property to others. Here are some effective strategies to enhance the resident experience: Responsive Property Management Ensure a responsive […]

28 July 2023

What is a good GRM in Multifamily? What’s the difference between GRM and Cap Rate?

The Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) is another important financial metric used in real estate, including multifamily properties.

20 July 2023

IRR vs. AAR: A Guide for Multifamily Investors

As a multifamily real estate investor, it’s essential to comprehend various financial metrics that can help you make informed decisions about your investments. Two key metrics, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Average Annual Return (AAR), play crucial roles in evaluating the profitability and performance of investment opportunities. In this article, we will explore the […]

13 April 2023

Management Fees and Property Expenses Rules of Thumb

Rules of thumb can be defined as a guideline that provides simplified advice regarding a particular subject. It’s important for beginner investors to learn…

17 January 2023

How To Get Into Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

A syndication is simply a partnership between a group of investors pooling their resources into a…

15 January 2023

How Do Limited Partners In A Syndication Get Back Their Initial Capital

By Joel Heck One of the most important responsibilities for a sponsor in a syndication is protecting their investors’ capital. The business plan for a syndication may last 2, 5, or 10 years, but eventually the limited partners in the deal will want their money back. If you’re a limited partner in a deal, it’s important […]

14 December 2022

How To Create Baby Money Soldiers

Leverage The Power of Compounding To Scale-Up Your Apartment Portfolio We bought our first 25-unit property for around US$600,000, in 2013. In 3 years, we made

29 September 2021

How Values-Based Decision Making Provided Clarity On When To Sell One Of Our Multifamily Properties

By Jake Stenziano We recently sold a property in Louisville, KY. This is rare for us since we like to hold our assets for

9 April 2021

Multi-family Real Estate Exit Strategies for Creative Financing Deals

The following is adapted from Creative Cash by Bill Ham. Know the way out… before you get in! This is a key strategy with creative and…

29 January 2021

The 7 Steps to Goal Setting

We have all been told that goal setting is one of the keys to leading a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, only approximately 5%…

19 January 2021

How To Increase The Income On Your Multifamily Property

Fifteen Ways To Increase Revenue The way to increase the value of a multifamily property is to either increase the income or decrease the…

7 January 2021

6 Steps To Follow To Acquire Wealth

As I was rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across a fantastic method of training your mind to acquire money. The…

21 December 2020

How To Flip A Small Apartment Complex

When Jake and I bought our first apartment, our investing strategy was solely focused on buy and hold forever. We were still new investors…

10 December 2020

How To Perform Jake & Gino’s Three-Step Due Diligence On A Multifamily Property

How To Perform Jake & Gino’s Three-Step Due Diligence On A Multifamily Property Any experienced investor will tell you how significant it is to…

24 August 2020

How Much Money Do Apartment Building Owners Make

The majority of investors are hard wired to focus on the short-term benefits and returns of an investment, while not appreciating or understanding the…

12 August 2020

The Seven Levels of Building a Successful Multifamily Real Estate Business

When Jake & I decided to join forces and create the Jake & Gino community back in 2014, I was still working at my…

2 June 2020

Top 5 Risks When You Don’t Have A Mentor

In this article, we will identify the top five risks associated with not utilizing a mentor or education platform. We have learned through our…

12 May 2020

3 Pillars To Managing The Corona Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every facet of our livelihood, here at Rand Partners we felt it was important to take a step back…

30 April 2020

15 Lessons learned from the Covid 19 Pandemic

When I look back at the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, I see a few similarities to a hurricane that is preparing to…

20 April 2020

Why Multifamily Kicks Single Family’s A$$

When I first started investing in real estate back in 2015, I went the single family house route. I saved up the down payment,…

20 February 2020

How To Renovate An Apartment

How To Renovate An Apartment To Maximize Your Return On Investment: Pictures & Audio Included! In December of 2017, we purchased a…

15 February 2020

How To Rent Your Apartment Unit Quickly and Affordably

At Jake & Gino, we have created a proprietary three-step framework on how to invest in multifamily: Buy Right, Manage Right, & Finance Right.…

27 November 2018

Never Lose A Customer Again By Joey Coleman

Customer service is often overlooked in the mom and pop business, and my restaurant in New York was no exception. If I had read…

8 April 2018

Why You Need To Hire A Laundry Provider For Your Multifamily Property

64 Unit Case Study: “Twin Oaks” In this article, I have teamed up with Jake & Gino team member and laundry expert…

16 June 2017

Your Multifamily Investing Questions Answered

As investors and educators, Jake & I fall into the trap of thinking that we know what our member’s pain points are. The only…

4 June 2017

How to Buy First Multifamily Property

Welcome to the ultimate podcaster’s roadmap on how to buy your first multifamily property. In this article, we have compiled podcasts, You Tube videos, and…

16 May 2017

Investment Realty – Property Classification

Rules of Thumb, Part 2. In our previous article, we focused on unit mix and the importance of choosing an apartment complex with the…

10 Signs That Your Management Company is Not Performing

To manage or not to manage, that is one of the most difficult questions for a beginning investor to answer. On the one hand,…

1 March 2017

Five Skills Every Multifamily Investor Should Develop

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think And Grow Rich, created a framework of success that the reader could follow by establishing his thirteen steps…

8 February 2017

Building Your Real Estate Empire While Working 9-5

There are countless reasons for individuals to begin investing in real estate. The most common reason that I hear from my students is they…

25 January 2017

Setting Rents for the New Year

The art of raising rents is a difficult one to master for newbie investors. The fear of creating a vacancy or offending a tenant…

11 January 2017

15 Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Multifamily Property

The way to increase the value of a multifamily property is to either increase the income or decrease the expenses, which will affect the…

27 October 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part 4

In the previous article, Jake and I discussed incompetent team members and signing an exclusive with a broker. In this article, we are going…

10 August 2016

How You Can Avoid Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part 3

Entrepreneurs will tell you that they learn more from their mistakes than their successes. My definition of an entrepreneur is a person who has…

6 July 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes to 500 Units and How You Can Avoid Them: Part 2

In the previous article, we began to highlight mistakes that Jake and I committed as we embarked on our investment career. We obviously have…

22 June 2016

The Seven Steps To Success In Real Estate Part 2

In the first ARTICLE, I laid out the seven steps to achieving success in real estate. I expanded upon the first two steps, and…

16 June 2016

The Seven Steps To Success in Real Estate

Starting a new venture can be one of the most daunting tasks, especially an undertaking that involves money and risk. If you begin a…

25 May 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes Investing to 675 Units in Real Estate

And How You Can Avoid Them One of the major foundation principles that I learned while attending IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)…

18 May 2016

How Landlords Can Create a Win-Win for Tenants and Employees

How Landlords Can Create a Win-Win for Tenants and Employees One of the best ways to retain quality tenants in your apartments is to…

19 April 2016

The Three-Step Repositioning Process For Adding Value To Your Multifamily Properties

The number one goal when investing in multifamily real estate and to explode your wealth is to increase the Net Operating Income (NOI). Let…

17 February 2016

What Items to Improve When Repositioning a Property: PART 2

In the previous article, we discussed our strategy to improve a property, thus creating wealth and attracting and maintaining quality tenants. We strive to…

10 February 2016

Investing in Rental Properties: What Items to Improve When Repositioning a Rental Property

We have designed a framework at which entails three crucial steps: Buy right Manage right Finance right. To be a successful real estate…

28 January 2016

Who to Have on Your Real Estate Team, Part 2

Service Members In the first article, we discussed the importance of building a winning team to support your real estate business. We described and…

11 January 2016

Who to have on your Real Estate Team

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Guess what? Your business is no different. If…

31 December 2015

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes to 500 Units and How You Can Avoid Them: Part 5

We hope you have enjoyed our previous articles on committing mistakes while investing in real estate. We want to conclude with two mistakes that…

21 December 2015

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Acquire Wealth

As I was rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across a fantastic method of training your mind to acquire money. The…

11 December 2015

Manage Right, The Second Pillar of the Wheelbarrow Profits Investment Strategy.

Now that you’ve purchased your property correctly, its time to reposition it for big bucks. Learn our three step framework on how to turn…

9 December 2015

A Powerful Formula Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Use to Create Wealth

There are dozens of formulas that real estate investors use every day to analyze their deals, such as cash on cash return, or cap…

1 December 2015

The Seven Steps to Goal Setting, Part 2

In the previous article, we introduced the seven steps to goal setting. We discussed the first three steps: Decide what your goals / objectives…

17 November 2015

How A Coach Can Lead You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

I have attributed the transformation and growth in my life the past few years to attending and becoming a Certified Professional Coach. The education…

6 July 2015

Analyzing Vacancy Loss

Rules of Thumb #8 Analyzing Vacancy Loss and How to Hold Real Estate In this article, we would like to discuss what type of…

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