How to Buy First Multifamily Property

Welcome to the ultimate podcaster’s roadmap on how to buy your first multifamily property. In this article, we have compiled podcasts, You Tube videos, and recorded calls for any investor who wants a framework on how to buy their first multifamily property.

What is the most beneficial way to consume the content in this article? We have designed it so all you have to do is listen to the podcasts, videos, and live calls in the order that they have been arranged.How have they been arranged? We start off the journey with: why multifamily, followed by researching a market, creating a multifamily team, buy right, manage right, finance right, and ending with Jake and Gino’s interview on Bigger Pocket’s podcast. As Jake likes to say, follow the yellow brick road to multifamily!

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1. Ten Reasons We Buy Multifamily

In this episode, we take a deep dive into why we do what we do! We wanted to share what we buy and how we are finding multifamily property deals. Finally we cover our top ten reasons for investing in multifamily properties and much more!

2. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs With Noah St. John

Overcoming Limiting BeliefMany people have strong desires but fail to convert those desires into results. In this episode, we interview Noah St. John who’s cracked the code on converting desires into results. He calls it DBAR and we take a deep dive into DBAR in this show. We hope that his method can be applied to all investors trying to buy their first deal. Let’s work on your limiting beliefs.

3. Breaking Through To The Other Side

Breaking Through To The Other Side

In this episode, J&G break it down and hold nothing back. They share how they got out of there comfort zones to actually create a large scale real estate business and take control of their financial futures. More importantly they share the “time benefit” of this and what it’s done for their families and overall quality of life. At some point you must put down the textbook (Wheelbarrow Profits) and jump in with both feet. Education X Action = Results

4. 28 Questions You Must Ask Your Broker

Questions You Must Ask Your Broker

Any experienced multifamily real estate investor will tell you that it’s not easy starting out as a first-time investor. One of the main reasons for this is experience and credibility. In this podcast, we’ve developed the top 28 questions that you should ask you real estate brokers. Why did we do this?

1. It’s going to give you credibility (you will sound like you know what you’re talking about…aka fake it till you make it).

2. You need to know this stuff.

3. Be cool and these questions can help build rapport with the brokers.

Download the E-book and the Document below to analyze a market:

Market Research Document

Research a Market E-Book

5. Gateway Into Multifamily Team Building

Gateway Into Multifamily Team Building

In this fourth “Gateway into Multifamily Real Estate Investing” podcast, we cover how to build your team. This is one of the most challenging aspects in the beginning of any successful real estate venture. We also share our personal experiences and advice. You can’t do it all yourself and you need a solid team of professionals on your side.

6. Networking With Alex Franks

Networking With Alex Franks

In this podcast, Alex shares some great insights on how to network with other real estate professionals. He has a great story about how he started out in his local gym speaking with investors. There is no doubt that his success is directly tied to his ability to network. Get your networking game-on!

7. Insurance With Kelly Thomas

Insurance With Kelly Thomas

In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Thomas. He is a Client Executive with TIS Insurance Services, Inc and became the fourth generation Thomas to work for TIS. Kelly has maintained several roles at TIS starting at the age of 12. Today, he specializes in Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance, and Life Insurance and provides tailor-made risk management solutions to many individuals and businesses across the Eastern United States.

8. Steve Goldman Broker

Steve Goldman Broker

In this episode, Steve Goldman, CCIM takes a deep dive into creating relationships with multifamily brokers. Steve’s been in the business for over 15 years and is the founder of Goldman Partners Realty. Many times people focus on what you can do for them. Steve’s focus is on getting deals done and how he can work with both buyers and sellers to get fair transactions completed that both sides feel good about. We think this episode provides great insight on the broker and buyer relationship.

9. Accounting With Tom Wheelwright

Accounting With Tom Wheelwright

Tom dives into the “Cash Flow Quadrant” in his book Tax-Free Wealth, a chart that Robert Kiyosaki designed that illustrates the four types of earners, and how taxes affect each of the quadrants. Tom describes in detail how the business owner and investor receive a far more favorable tax status.The book shattered my limiting beliefs surrounding taxes and made me focus on how to use the tax code to my benefit. I decided to focus on investments where the government is trying to stimulate growth.

10. Scott Maurer With Advanta Self Directed IRA

Scott Maurer With Advanta Self Directed IRA

If you are looking to raise money for your deals, than this show is for you! Scott Maurer takes us through the steps of raising money using self directed IRA’s. Scott believes that this is an untapped resource that Wall Street doesn’t want the average person taking advantage of.

11. Property Inspections With Wally Conway

Property Inspections With Wally Conway

Wally dives into what qualities to look for in an inspector, how vital the inspection process is, and how to hire a qualified inspector.

12. Mike Saporito: How To Network With A Banker Conway

Mike Saporito: How To Network With A Banker Conway

Learn how to build long term, profitable relationships with one of the key players in your multifamily investing business. In this podcast, Jake and Gino bring you an in depth interview with First Vice President of MCB, Michael Saporito. Let’s discuss how crucial it is to create your credibility book.

13. Jeff Love Syndication Attorney

Jeff Love Syndication Attorney

We sit down with a syndication attorney Jeff Love and take a deep dive into the legal side of syndicating apartments. It’s very important to follow the rules. This show covers the current regulations and discusses why it’s so important to have the proper team members on board.

14. Laundry With John Steinhofer

Laundry With John Steinhofer

In this episode, we interview 15 year laundry veteran John Steinhofer about the inside game of multifamily laundry service. There are many ways to provide laundry service for tenants and we share many of the options in this show. John also shares ways to get extra cash upfront and how to better serve tenants with new machines and promotions.

15. Ricardo Hinojosa Multifamily Financing

Ricardo Hinojosa Multifamily Financing

In this episode, Ricardo Hinojosa discusses his transition from the corporate world to multifamily financing and then eventually to multifamily investor. Ricardo also shares tips on funding multifamily deals. Learn all about the different types of debt instruments, and how important it is to recruit a multifamily mortgage broker.

16. Crowd Funding With Darren Powderly

Crowd Funding With Darren Powderly

In this episode, Darren Powderly (co-founder of shares his innovate platform on raising money for your multifamily deals. Darren is a wealth of knowledge, since he brings a real estate and tech background to the table. If you are considering raising money for you deal, you don’t want to miss this episode.

17. Blueprint Housing Section 8

Blueprint Housing Section 8

Have you every wondered what it takes to invest in HUD or Section 8 housing? If so, this show is for you! We have two experts to discuss all of the benefits and pitfalls of subsidized housing.

18. Buy Right Podcast

Buy Right Podcast

Buying Right is the first of three crucial steps to a successful multifamily real estate investment. Get this phase right and you are well on your way to a profitable investment. Alternatively, NOT buying right can send you straight to the poor house.

19. You Tube Video: 8 Negotiation Techniques That Every Newbie Needs.

Learn how to negotiate like a pro and avoid these costly mistakes!

20. You Tube: How To Find Deals In Multifamily.

Learn how to find a deal in the current market, how to network with brokers., how to analyze a current deal, and what to do with a pro-forma.

21. Live Call With Jake & Gino: Deal Analyzer Calculator.

Live Call With Jake & Gino: Deal Analyzer Calculator.

Learn how to analyze deals quickly with the deal analyzer calculator. We dive into what a value-add is, how to spot one, how to create value and how to properly analyze an income statement.


22. Manage Right Podcast

Manage Right Podcast

Now that you’ve purchased your property correctly, it’s time to reposition it for big bucks. Learn our three-step repositioning framework on how to turn an ugly ducking into a well-oiled machine that pays you every month.

23. Manage Right Live Call With Jake & Gino

Manage Right Live Call With Jake & Gino

The three-step framework and the management system is expanded upon in this live call. Learn how to effectively manage your asset or choose a reputable management company.

24. Traction Podcast For Building Systems In Your Business.

Traction Podcast For Building Systems In Your Business.

In this episode, we are fortunate to have the visionary of EOS Worldwide Mike Paton as our guest. Our team struggled implementing systems in the early days of our business. We were laser focused on results but sometimes came up short with the roadmap, AKA the process needed for achieving our goals.Mike Paton describes his journey and defines why an operating system is so important to the success of any small business.

25. 15 Ways To Increase NOI.

In this episode, we share our top 15 ways to grow the NOI on your multifamily investments. Some of these ideas are less traditional than others but all have contributed to our rapid growth. If you’re not growing you’re dying!

26. Finance Right Podcast

Finance Right Podcast

Now that you’ve purchased your property correctly and are managing right, its time to secure long-term financing. This is the final leg of the strategy and will help secure your investment for years to come.

27. You Tube: How To Secure The Most Favorable Financing Terms For Your Multifamily.

Are you intimidated when confronted with commercial financing? Let us dispel the myths and fears surrounding commercial financing. Download our bank term sheet to help you compare the different bank terms.

28. Syndication with Brian Burke

Syndication with Brian Burke

Brian Burke started out with a single mobile home investment over 25 years ago. He now controls over 1,000 multifamily units and has built a private equity real estate firm. It all started with his “power base.” Brian was a police officer and his first investment came from his police officer friends.

29. Transitioning from Single Family to Multi with Chris Urso.

Transitioning from Single Family to Multi with Chris Urso.

In this episode, we interview Chris Usro, the managing partner of URS Capital. URS made the transition from single-family to multifamily. Since 2007, the firm has purchased over 1,800 apartment units. This episode is jammed packed with actionable content, especially regarding how to pick a market!

30. J&G On Bigger Pockets

J&G On Bigger Pockets

Jake & the G-Daddy are featured on Bigger Pockets and discuss their journey from a dilapidated twenty-five unit complex to 674 units in only three years!

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