The Best Book on How to Successfully Invest in Multifamily Real Estate and Grow Your Income​

The Jake and Gino Wheelbarrow Profits book will send you well on your way to learning how to invest in multifamily properties and grow your income through your investments. Learn more about the book below. 

Wheelbarrow Profits: A Brief Synopsis

In their first book, Jake & Gino outline their 3-Step Trademarked Framework, Buy Right, Finance Right & Manage Right.
Here’s a little bit about what that means:

Buy Right - Jake and Gino teach you how to Buy Right. Your investment starts with choosing the right properties. Jake and Gino help you learn what to look for in a multifamily property and how to make sure you’re buying properties that you can turn a profit on.

Finance Right - Jake and Gino teach you the best ways to secure long-term financing. They’ll walk you through the different ways to finance a multifamily property, the different loan structures, and even creative ways to secure good financing. 

Manage Right - The process doesn’t stop after you’ve financed and purchased your property. Jake and Gino teach you how to properly manage your properties and how to maintain a constant rate of growth. You’ll learn how to manage multiple properties the right way.