How A Coach Can Lead You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

I have attributed the transformation and growth in my life the past few years to attending and becoming a Certified Professional Coach.  The education has allowed me to raise my level of consciousness and begin to view problems as opportunities.  I attended coaching school as a means to work on my personal development, and I received far more than just an education.

The word coach has it origins routed in a town in Hungary that used to design “coaches” for horse drawn carriages.  These carriages were designed for the wealthy, and over the centuries, we have adopted the name to describe other modes of transportation, such as coach buses or coach class in air travel.  These coaches still provide the same function, carrying passengers from one destination to the next, as a coaches job is to carry a person from where they are to where they want to be.

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What is the job of a coach? Some will say to inspire, motivate, teach, lead or guide.  My view is that they can be all of the above, but what a coach’s main responsibility to his or her client is to raise their level of energy or engagement to a situation and allow the client to see all of their opportunities that lay in front of them.  A coach knows that the client has all of the answers for their own lives, but fear or some other energy block is obfuscating the answer.  A coach guides or sheds light on the client’s questions, and leads them out of the darkness as the guru leads someone from the darkness (gu stands for darkness) into the light (ru means light).

Coaches have to walk a fine line with their clients, always championing for them, exhibiting empathy, inspiration and detached involvement while having no personal agenda or judgment.  A coach has to remain completely nonjudgmental and objective while listening to his client.  His job is to help the client achieve clarity and let the client choose his own solution.

A coach should always have his client focus on what they are trying to achieve.  This can be accomplished by creating a meta-plan, a holistic all encompassing plan that considers all aspects of one’s life.  How does one begin to assemble a meta-plan?  The coach and client have to begin to discuss the process of setting and writing down goals in every area of their life.

Once a person sets goals for their life, certain laws become activated in one’s life.  The law of control is set in motion, and the client begins to take control of his destiny, instead of wandering aimlessly.

As the client works towards his goals, the law of belief will be triggered.  The belief in oneself becomes stronger as goals are achieved, and the client will be able to challenge himself even more.  The law of attraction is also set into motion.  The client begins to attract into his life the things he needs to achieve his goals.

It’s no wonder that many successful people have used coaches to enrich their life and help them along their journey.  As you can see, at specific times in our career, marriage, business, spiritual or family path, we all need a guide to coach us along the best path.  Contact me to help guide you further down your personal path.

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