Cracking the Code to Capital Raising: A Review of Sal Buscemi’s “Calling the Capital: 20 Ways to Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise”

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, raising capital can be a significant hurdle for aspiring investors. Sal Buscemi, a seasoned investment banker with over $300 million raised for real estate deals, offers a comprehensive roadmap in his book “Calling the Capital: 20 Ways to Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise .” This book review dives into the key takeaways and practical strategies outlined by Buscemi to help you unlock the potential of self-directed IRAs and navigate the world of raising capital for real estate ventures.

We had the honor and privilege of interviewing Sal on the Jake & Gino show, and his depth of knowledge and experience was refreshing and inspiring! Here are several key takeaways from Sal’s book.

Key Steps to Capital Raising:

Buscemi presents a structured approach, dubbed “The Roach Motel Concept,” to attract and secure investor capital. This six-step blueprint emphasizes:

  1. Micro Commitments: Securing initial, smaller commitments from potential investors builds trust and momentum before diving into larger sums.
  2. Self-Directed IRAs: Leveraging the power of self-directed IRAs allows investors to invest in real estate using their retirement funds, offering tax advantages and flexibility.
  3. Compelling Communication: Crafting a clear and engaging video and tear sheet presentation effectively communicates the deal’s potential and attracts investor interest.
  4. Tranche the Deal: Dividing the investment into smaller tranches allows for phased fundraising, enabling you to raise capital as needed throughout the project.
  5. Persistent Follow-Up: Regular phone calls and texts demonstrate your dedication and keep investors informed, fostering trust and commitment.
  6. Gratitude is Key: Expressing sincere appreciation to investors after the deal closes strengthens relationships and lays the foundation for future collaborations. 

Beyond the Blueprint:

The book delves deeper, providing valuable insights into:

  • Investor Identification: Strategies for finding and connecting with potential investors who align with your investment goals.
  • Negotiation Tips: Practical advice on navigating negotiations with investors to secure mutually beneficial terms.
  • Closing the Deal: Essential steps and considerations to ensure a smooth and successful closing process. 

Takeaways for Real Estate Investors:

“Calling the Capital: 20 Ways to Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise ” offers a wealth of practical knowledge for anyone seeking to raise capital for real estate investments. The book’s key takeaways highlight the importance of:

  • Utilizing self-directed IRAs as a powerful tool for attracting investment.
  • Securing initial micro commitments to build trust and momentum.
  • Crafting a compelling narrative to showcase your deal’s potential.
  • Implementing a phased fundraising approach through tranching.
  • Maintaining persistent communication and follow-up with investors.
  • Expressing genuine gratitude to your investors for their trust and support. 


“Calling the Capital: 20 Ways to Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise ” serves as a valuable resource for real estate investors seeking to unlock the door to capital. By incorporating Buscemi’s structured approach and practical insights, you can navigate the fundraising landscape with confidence and increase your chances of success in your real estate ventures.

Whether you’re raising money for your first deal, or partnering with savvy investors, Sal’s book is an invaluable resource to securing the capital needed to close the deal.

To learn more about Sal, visit Brahmin Partners & Salvatore Buscemi

To buy Sal’s Book, click HERE!


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