From Engineer to Mindset Coach: Vamsi Polimetla Makes More Leaders

Vamsi Polimetla, founder and CEO of Make More Leaders, isn’t your typical executive coach. In a recent interview on the Jake and Gino podcast,  delved into his journey from unfulfilled engineer to purpose-driven coach, emphasizing the power of gratitude, personal growth, and strong relationships.

A Shift in Perspective

Born in India, Vamsi  arrived in the US with ambitious dreams. Despite academic challenges, he carved a successful 20-year career in computer science. Yet, a yearning for personal fulfillment gnawed at him. This yearning sparked a continuous investment in personal development, fueled by mentors like Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy. Vamsi  embraced a “gain mentality,” focusing on appreciating his existing blessings rather than chasing what he lacked.

The Power of Gratitude

The conversation delved deeply into the concept of gratitude. Vamsi  suggests cultivating appreciation by contrasting your current situation with your past. He shared a poignant experience visiting a slum in Mumbai, a stark reminder that true happiness doesn’t always reside in material possessions. Interestingly, the concept of connection emerged as a key factor in fostering gratitude. Vamsi  highlighted the positive shift in his perspective after connecting with the podcast hosts just before recording.

This theme resonated with Gino, who recounted his own experience in Aruba. Witnessing a simpler lifestyle sparked feelings of gratitude for the opportunities he enjoyed back in the US. Vamsi  further emphasized this point by recalling a visit to a wealthy area in South Florida, followed by a visit to a Mumbai slum. He observed that true happiness might not be tied to material wealth but to a sense of contentment and connection.

Relationships Over Riches

Vamsi ‘s core message is clear: striving for relationships and connections is more rewarding than chasing a high bank account. These connections ultimately contribute to creating wealth and a fulfilling life. He opened up about his decision to leave the corporate world, where he witnessed a lack of joy among executives. Inspired by Tony Robbins’ infectious energy during the “Unleash the Power Within” event, Vamsi  felt a calling to pursue a different path, a path dedicated to helping others find fulfillment.

Facing Challenges and Finding Support

Leaving a stable job with benefits wasn’t easy. Cultural pressures within his Indian family favored traditional career paths. Vamsi  strategically tested the waters by starting his coaching business part-time before taking the leap. However, just before his planned departure, his wife received a cancer diagnosis. Despite this setback, they remained determined. Vamsi  took a leave of absence to support his wife and ultimately resigned to pursue his coaching career full-time.

Overcoming Objections

Vamsi ‘s decision wasn’t met with universal support. His parents and former colleagues questioned his stability, highlighting the loss of his health insurance. However, his wife’s unwavering encouragement fueled his confidence. Vamsi  emphasizes the power of spousal support, a sentiment echoed by many successful entrepreneurs.

Finding Clarity and Building a Business

Vamsi  credits his mentors and personal development journey for helping him gain clarity about his goals. He highlights the importance of taking that first step to gain perspective. Building a successful coaching business wasn’t a linear path. Initially, Vamsi  offered a broad range of services, but with the help of mentors like Taki Moore, he honed his focus and expanded to group coaching.

The Value of Mentorship

The influence of mentors like Tony Robbins, Lou House, and Brandon Burchard is undeniable in Vamsi ‘s success story. He met Brandon at a Tony Robbins event, and together they co-founded Master Talk, a communication training company. This partnership underscores the importance of communication skills, a skill Vamsi  actively developed after a disastrous presentation early in his career.

The Takeaway

Vamsi  Paul’s story offers valuable insights for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life. By prioritizing personal growth, cultivating gratitude, and building strong relationships, we can unlock our potential and achieve our goals. Vamsi ‘s journey is a testament to the power of taking action, embracing challenges, and investing in ourselves and those around us.


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