Millionaire Success Habits with Dean Graziosi

If you are investing in real estate, chances are that you have heard the name Dean Graziosi. Dean has been investing in real estate for his entire adult life and the real estate community was blessed when he decided to start teaching real estate over twenty years ago. He has written five books on investing in real estate, but I think his last book Millionaire Success Habits may be his most important for all types of investors.

The average investor thinks that there is a set of secrets when investing in real estate. Dean does an excellent job in his trainings and education to expose and teach these secrets, but the beginning investor needs to read his latest book to achieve success in all aspects of life. Dean dives into the Fundamental Success Habits, and discusses in detail why it is crucial to identify your “why” in order to achieve success. Once a person can identify their true “why”, the major bumps in the road will only be a temporary setback, not an occasion to quit and give up on their goals. The “why” will lead you to your “how”!

The power of focus is discussed in his book, and he attributes focus and clarity as one of the most important habits. Have you ever asked yourself “What do you want?”

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What is your first thought? For most of you, it is what you DON’T want. Therein lies the problem, as Dean states.

“If you don’t have vision and clarity on where you want to reach, you’ll simply never get there.”

I struggled with this for years. I knew I did not want to continue with the restaurant, but I truly did not know what I wanted. Only when I became clear on my intentions and my vision was I able to leave the restaurant and pursue real estate & Jake & Gino full-time. I could have saved years if I had read Dean’s message sooner!

Dean also opens up about his difficult childhood, and how he was at times in his life up against some amazing odds. His story allows the reader to relate to his difficult upbringing, and how he used his past to create an amazing future. It is an uplifting and motivational message that brings hope to the reader that anyone can become successful. Through his life experiences, he has created a framework in the book for the reader to follow.

I want to list Dean’s 10 Happiness Habits because I want you to start embracing them!!

1. Define what happiness looks like and feels to you.
2. Make the present your friend.
3. Stop over-thinking.
4. Focus on a positive outcome.
5. Let go of specific outcomes.
6. Don’t be afraid to fail.
7. Let go of grudges
8. Be grateful for what’s in front of you.
9. Don’t settle for good enough.
10. Be part of something bigger.

Now print them out & start following them!!

Dean has, up to now, focused his amazing teaching on how to make money in real estate. He has finally written a fabulous book on “why” to invest in real estate and has shared his millionaire success habits for all to us to employ. Please read this book before even thinking about picking up another real estate book.

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