The Gateway To Multifamily Real Estate

In life, it is always difficult to begin a new journey or eliminate a bad habit.  Our habits become a part of our physiology and foster limiting beliefs and an unfulfilling life.  When I began my real estate career, I was fearful due to my uncertainty of this new endeavor. 

I calmly reminded myself that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

That first step is crucial to your success along the journey.  My first successful step was to seek a real estate coach to teach me how to invest in multifamily apartments.  My previous attempts at investing all led to failure due to my lack of education and my willingness to understand why I wanted to invest in real estate.

Gateway To Multifamily
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Fast forward to the present, and I have been able to accumulate 674 units in only three years.  It has been an arduous but rewarding adventure, one made a bit easier because of my financial education. 

I set out to recreate a blueprint on how any investor can get started buying multifamily properties, and “The Gateway To Multifamily” is the yellow brick road and the springboard to beginning your journey.

We have designed this product for new investors as well as for investors looking to change course in their investing strategies to answer the questions we posed in the beginning.  The Gateway will answer these questions and more. 

Each lesson module within the four week course are comprised of

  • Topic-centered micro-courses on getting you started in investing and building your business. Our micro-courses include  Where to Find The Money” and “Building a Credibility Book”. 
  • Audio lessons and interview from some of the top minds in real estate. You will learn from top investing pros and learn the exact steps the took to succeed in real estate.
  • Articles on topics specific to the module
  • Professionally produced instructional videos, packed with the steps you need for success

The program is broken down into four weeks: The Gateway, Finding Your Niche, Creating Your Credibility and Building Your Team.

The course is also filled with video lessons and articles centered on personal development and goal setting, two vital yet overlooked activities that will propel you to success.  Learn how to ask empowering questions, how energy blocks are stopping you from achieving success, what your level of energy is and why your success is based upon YOUR thoughts and actions.

All of the lessons in the Gateway are downloadable so you can learn offline.

WEEK ONE: The Gateway
You will be introduced to multifamily investing and why it is the most powerful niche in real estate.  In this first module, you will learn,

  • How to set goals and think outside the box
  • How to overcome your fears, rejections, your motivation to invest in real estate
  • Creative financing techniques. 

Ever heard of who-what-how?  If you haven’t, don’t procrastinate.  Find out how you can energize your life.

WEEK TWO: Finding Your Niche
This module is packed with the details you’ll need to;

  • Dive into partnerships
  • Picking your niche
  • Pathways to making money in real estate
  • And how to use real estate to create a lifestyle, not a job  

You will learn how to successfully implement our framework: Buy Right, Manage Right and Finance Right, the three pillars to our massive success.

WEEK THREE: Creating Your Credibility
In this module, you will build your own personal credibility book to help you raise money from banks and private investors.  I wish I had a credibility book when I first started.  I was chasing deals all over the place with zero success.  Once I created a credibility book, the deals started coming to me.

Let’s not forget about finding the money for your deals.  In this extensive micro-course you’ll learn how find money for your deals, including partnerships, IRA funds and creative financing.  Learn to think outside the box and banish the word NO from your vocabulary.

WEEK FOUR: Building Your Team
This module is all about building your all-star real estate team.

  • Who should you have on your team
  • How do you select the right members
  • How to evaluate your team. 

This is one of the most challenging aspects in the beginning of any successful real estate venture. You can’t do it all yourself and you need a solid team of professionals on your side.

In addition, Jake and I will be adding relevant content periodically to further enhance the gateway experience.  Look out for live recorded coaching calls on the four weekly topics.

So what are you waiting for?  Click down below and start your journey down the yellow brick road to success in multifamily investing.


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