My Advice To Those Thinking About Giving Up

Do you ever find yourself stuck, with thoughts of doubt and anxiety creeping in? Don’t know what the next step is? This is a perfect description of how I was feeling during the first two years of my investing career with Jake. We were excited to begin buying apartments, but had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The only thing we knew was that we were unhappy with our current situations and wanted to achieve better results.

This article will provide advice on how to conquer these feelings of self-doubt and help you formulate a game plan. It will also focus on what it is you are trying to accomplish, as well as shatter the myth that mistakes are bad. My goal is to provide a blue print for you to follow once you have found your passion and you are having second thoughts of pursuing your passion and contemplating quitting.

The first step that you need to take is to figure out what you want in life. Notice, I didn’t say what you don’t want. Most of us can rattle off things that we don’t want. But very few of us can express with certainty what we truly desire in our lives. This may take a bit of soul searching, but invest the time in yourself and your direction in life, or else life will just happen to you.

This was one of my major stumbling blocks when I began investing in real estate several years ago. I was not focused on why I was investing in real estate. I heard countless times that real estate was responsible for creating the vast majority of millionaires in this country. My success in real estate came when I realized what it was that I wanted in my life. I wanted to get out of the rat race and be able to impact other people’s lives through coaching and teaching. This clarity gave me the strength to push ahead, or as Jake would say, grind it out. There were days when I just wanted to quit, but the picture of not working at my restaurant and growing my portfolio only energized me.

If the thought of giving up continues to persist, revisit the thought of knowing your outcome. You have to become clear of your outcome, know why you want it, and the reason why you want it. Your purpose for wanting to achieve the goal will provide the drive that you need once thoughts of quitting begin to enter your mind. Successful people know what they want and why they want it.

The reasons for your wants and desires come first. If you have enough reasons, answers will come next. Build a case for yourself as to all the reasons why you want something. I can use my example of wanting to succeed in real estate. As I was getting older and more disgruntled with my current situation, I was accumulating a plethora of reasons. Finally, I had enough reasons, and the solution to my investing problem presented itself.

The solution came as a result of a simple conversation that I had with my partner Jake before he moved to Tennessee. I found out that he was experiencing similar frustrations in his life. We conspired to form a partnership and begin to seek out opportunities in Tennessee. It was a difficult journey at first. I reminded myself constantly of the reasons why I wanted to succeed in real estate, and this constant reminder led me to “stay the course” and not give up on my dream of financial independence.

Another avenue that I used to maintain my desire and motivation was to seek out a life coach. The use of a coach transformed my life and the way I approached problems. I was able to narrow down my goals, focus on my higher purpose, develop a plan to pursue my passion, and be held accountable for my actions. My coach pushed me when I felt like quitting and brought clarity to my life. I was so impressed with my life coach that I decided to attend coaching school and become a Certified Professional Coach. If you are looking to explore life coaching, visit my site Gino Barbaro for more information on how coaching can reawaken the passion in your life.

Steps to achieving your goal and staying the course:

  • Know your outcome
  • Choose your goals
  • Know why (the purpose) you want to achieve your goal
  • List all the reasons why
  • Look for the answers once you have amassed enough reasons
  • Take action
  • Patience and persistence
  • Look for support from a life coach or mentor when things get tough

The key to remember is that successful people know what they want and why. When the going gets tough, they will have strong enough reasons why for them to continue the journey. Please let me know what your strategy is when things get tough, yet you continue to push forward and not give up.

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