Gino Barbaro Reviews ‘Creative Cash’ – A Book Authored By Bill Ham

This is arguably one of the timeliest real estate books to come to the market in years. We are in a transitioning economic market, and the real estate market is close behind. The author Bill Ham,  multifamily real estate investor and educator,  gives a glimpse into the upcoming real estate market cycle and shows us how to use creative financing to fund real estate deals in his new book Creative Cash.

One of the biggest hurdles that we hear from students when trying to buy their first multifamily property is “Where do I find the money for the down payment?”

Creative Cash was written to eliminate this limiting belief by diving into two very effective creative financing strategies that most new investors are unaware of: Master Lease Options and Seller Financing.

In this book review, I am going to discuss Bill’s techniques for closing deals by using seller financing and master lease options. The true value in this book is the step-by-step method in which it is written. Bill shares his experiences and knowledge including how he closed on his first four hundred units without using traditional mortgages to buy any of the assets. No walking into a bank, only creative financing techniques that he teaches in the book.


Bill begins the book by explaining the power of cooperation and the art of bringing value to a seller by using some interesting techniques such as the S.P.Y® technique. This stands for Seller, Property, You, and is one of the keys to how Bill exploded his portfolio without using traditional financing. In short, this is a method for creating problem solving offers so that you are always valuable to a seller. As Bill says, “Solving problems pays well”.

This concept of making value-creating offers was amazing. Bill shows us how to use:

  • Master Lease Options. There is very little information out there on how to buy an apartment complex using a master lease option, until now!
  • Seller Financing
  • 3 Pillars of Real Estate®
  • Deal Analysis
  • Creating Offers

I have personally used some of the techniques Bill covers in this book. When the markets are good, creative financing is less effective but when the market goes down and financing is harder to secure, these “tricks of the trade” become invaluable, and turn deals that don’t make sense into winners.

Bill dives into market cycles in his book, and describes when and how to use seller financing. In a slowing market, lenders tend to pull back and lend on better assets. This can make doing “value add” or renovation projects more difficult, as lenders tend to shy away from these types of buildings. This can make it hard for a seller to sell. Creative financing is the solution.

Bill’s strategies work for all types of real estate, from single-family homes, to commercial, to multifamily. If you are looking to transition from wholesaling and single-family homes to apartment investing, and lack the capital like Bill did, then you need to buy a copy of Bill’s book and learn the creative financing techniques that will allow you to buy deals with very little capital of your own.

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