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Apartment Marketing with Matt Easton

Self-proclaimed King of Apartment Marketing, Matt Eastons Leasing University videos, seminars, and books have simplified how the industry leases apartments. He is also Executive Vice President of MultiFamily Traffic and apartment marketing agency employing SEO optimization. His mission in life is to bring apartment communities more traffic and help property managers sign more leases. Matt has personally helped hundreds of apartment communities do billions in additional revenue.

In this impactful podcast, Matt lays out the perfect leasing process:

· Greet the prospect.

· Determine the prospects wants and needs.

· Select and build value.

· Make the proposal to the prospect.

· Close the prospect.

Matt also discusses the best way to find qualified tenants to rent your apartment, and gives his reasons why social media is NOT the best strategy. Matt also discusses why you don’t’ need thousands and thousands of dollar to set up a website, and what your website should include for you to drive traffic and capture leads

Matts Website: https://www.multifamilytraffic.com/

Matts Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsKRYzdaoNlwzo5RQbm68Q/featured

Top 10

Apartment Marketing
Generating Leads
Top Line vs Bottom Line
Cash Flow
Customer Retention
Perfect Leasing Process
Building Value
And much more!


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