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The Corporate Monkey with Michael Becker

Michael Becker oversees the Dallas, Texas Strategic Property Investment (SPI) Advisory office where he oversees all aspects of property operations. His 15 years of experience as a commercial real estate banker gave him experience as a portfolio director of the properties he originated loans for. Now, after leaving the corporate world, Michael and his partner have acquired about 5200 units over the course of 25 deals!

With all of Michael’s success, Jake & Gino pick Michael’s brain on partnerships, lead generation, syndication, his team, and what he looks for in a deal, a property manager and a market.

Top 10

-Exiting the grind
-Hitting the fork in the road
-Taking a shot
-A “fee good” business
-Taking action
-Accredited investors
-Lead generation
-And much more

SPI Advisory | Strategic Property Investment


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