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Crowdfunding Single Family Homes with Sterling White

Sterling White started in the real estate industry at an early age back in 2009 doing construction on commercial projects. Sterling White purchased his first single family home property at the age of 23 with no money in the deal. Before founding Holdfolio, he and his partner Jacob were involved in the purchasing and selling of 100+ single family homes nationwide. Transaction volume was 25M+ with that operation. Holdfolio is a real estate crowdfunding platform they founded that allows anyone to invest in the portfolios they own.

In this episode Sterling covers:

  • Positive attitude
  • How the crowdfunding model works
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Team building
  • Ways around traditional financing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • His unique business model
  • Success habits
  • Long term equity vs. short term gains
  • Giving back

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