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Debunking David Ramsey and The Middle Class Trap

It’s not what they make, but what they keep that is really important. – Gino

On this episode, Jake and Gino talk about the “middle-class trap” and how they take a different stance than Dave Ramsey’s perspective on the matter. They share their experiences and strategy on how they grew their apartment portfolio from zero to more than 1,500 doors in less than 5 years.
“You cannot create wealth by just listening to these so-called Gurus. You have to learn, and figure it out by yourself. Then take action. You must take the responsibility for your own financial growth,” Gino says.

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction
02:42 You can’t create wealth by just listening to Gurus but by figuring out by yourself
05:48 Are you using your credit cards effectively?
08:00 What is Dave Ramsey’s strategy?
12:12 It’s your responsibility to work to get to the next level
14:45 Equity can lead to more deal opportunity, and ultimately to closing more deals
19:17 Leading a life of empowerment
20:30 How our Dual Asset Strategy compares to this perspective
24:00 The best time to insure and invest is today

NEXT Step:

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