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Don’t Be Like Tom and Giselle

“A person with money means a person with experience. The person with experience usually gets the money. The person with money usually gets the experience. Neither happened here.”- Gino

On this special episode of 100 Year Real Estate Investor, Jake and Gino talk about how NOT to be like Tom and Gisele. 

The couple finalized their divorce in October, but recently found themselves atop headlines for another reason- this time when Bahamas-based company FTX filed for bankruptcy last month. Tom and Gisele are among numerous celebrities recently named in a cryptocurrency class-action lawsuit. Other defendants include FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried and big names like Shaq and Larry David. 

Tom and other household names found come under scrutiny for being part of a major marketing campaign led by FTX, in which they promoted the digital currencies to at-home investors. While their divorce itself was likely quite expensive, they are now also dealing with this costly business loss.

Let’s take a look at where Tom and Gisele went wrong, which ultimately cost them to lose on their own brands. By endorsing and promoting FTX, they convinced people to actually invest in it, even though they did not fully understand or know much about the product. The trust of their existing fan bases misled people to invest in FTX. The FTX crypto exchange then suffered a shocking collapse, which caused it’s investors to lose on ton of money, tarnishing the respective brands of Tom, Gisele, and all the celeb-partners involved.

Not only did Tom and Gisele lose, but EVERYONE lost. Hopefully the next time a celebrity looks at an investment opportunity, they’ll think twice and do their own due-diligence before recommending it to the public. This speaks to being responsible towards not just your own brand, but to the people who trust your brand.

Key Moments:

00:00 Introduction: Tarnished brands of ‘Tom’ and ‘Gisele’
02:53 What we Do NOT promote to the Jake and Gino or 100 Year Communities
05:33 Only invest with partners who share similar values. Due-diligence is critical.
08:37 What could Tom have done differently?
12:00  Divorce and finances. A clear communication rhythm is a game changer in both business and personal relationships
14:16 Our values are subconscious, and understanding them is crucial.
18:00 Wrap-up: You don’t need to have all of your baby money soldiers on the front line attacking (like many people did in crypto). You need to have some in reserve. We always talk about whole life insurance. Wouldn’t it have been nice if some of these people had some money in whole life sitting there, building cash value, instead of tanking like FTX?

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